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Same Deutz-Fahr appoints two new dealers

Same Deutz-Fahr has announced the appointment of two new Deutz-Fahr dealers; Oxon-based LJ & CA Cannings and Moore Farm Services based in South Yorkshire.


Same Deutz-Fahr has announced the appointment of two new Deutz-Fahr dealers; Oxon-based LJ & CA Cannings and Moore Farm Services based in South Yorkshire.

LJ & CA Cannings, East Challow, Wantage, Oxfordshire

The introduction of Deutz-Fahr tractors, combine harvesters and telehandlers brings a new era to the business of LJ & CA Cannings with the opportunity for the company to offer customers a range of machinery developed to meet the needs of farmers and contractors – whether they be large scale arable growers or smaller scale livestock farmers.

Heading up this family owned business is Les Cannings and his wife Caroline who began the dealership in 1976 and, over the years, have gradually expanded the range of machinery marketed to include both agricultural and garden equipment. Having an ever larger involvement in the running of the company are their sons James and Michael who share their father’s belief in providing modern technology alongside good old-fashioned service.

The Deutz-Fahr range has seen the recent addition of the new award winning 5, 6, 7 and 9 Series tractors which provide a power span from under 100hp to 340hp, and next year will see the launch of the new 11 Series to take the power up to an impressive 440hp.

“Deutz-Fahr tractors are manufactured with a high degree of styling and operator comfort and are powered by the very latest electronically powered Deutz engines with TTV transmissions available for most models,” says James. “But it’s the reliability of the Deutz-Fahr tractors and the respect they have in the industry which is perhaps their biggest feature.”

He adds that news of the new tractor franchise has been well received by his customers and there has already been several orders placed.

“It’s an encouraging start,” he says. “We are convinced the Deutz-Fahr tractor range will be a major asset for our business – as the tractors will be for our customers’ businesses.”


Moore Farm Services, Snape Lane, Harworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

For David Moore and his wife, Liz, the Deutz-Fahr franchise will enable their business to expand through being able to offer a tractor range which, at its top end, is able to provide models with up to 340hp and, next year with the new 11 Series, 440hp.

“I have been aware that there is an increasing number of customers who required extra power to work their farms more efficiently,” he says. “The latest Deutz-Fahr tractor range certainly meets their needs in this respect but that’s not to forget the importance of having models which also cater for those requiring less powerful models.”

David reports that customer response to the change of franchise has been positive and encouraging – the styling of the tractors, the high degree of operator comfort, the use of modern Deutz engines, generous use of TTV transmissions and above all, their reliability all being fully appreciated.

He adds that the Deutz-Fahr Agrosky tractor guidance system is also an important option for farmers and contractors – when spraying pre-emergence pesticide or working wide implements it’s now almost essential to have such a system, he insists.

“Overall, we believe that the Deutz-Fahr tractor range will allow us to provide our customers with a better service, better products and a greater choice,” he concludes.


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