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Krone launch new baler

Krone launch new Comprima X-Treme round baler.



Krone has launched a new range of Comprima X-treme round balers with faster pick-up, rotor cutter and NovoGrip elevator speeds to allow it to cope in the most challenging harvesting conditions. An ability to apply both net and film wraps also makes it an extremely versatile and an all-rounder baler.

A key feature of the new baler is its bale transfer system, which has been updated to cut out downtime in the field. The design and arrangement of the chamber and the wrapping table allow the bale to simply drop from the chamber onto the table by its own weight. Should this be a problem in undulating terrain, the bale will get a nudge from the bale lifter.

The Comprima X-treme has a pick-up working width of 2,150mm with tine diameters increasing from 5.5mm to 6.0mm. A stronger pick-up unit helps to maximise baler stability at high forward speeds, while standard crop press rollers and baffle plates minimise blockages and boost throughput. The rotor cutter maintains consistent crop flow from the pick-up to the bale chamber by pulling the material through its 17 knives (two tines per knife).

Krone’s unique NovoGrip belt-and-slat elevators have been strengthened and its width increased to 147mm from 115mm on the fixed-chamber (CF) models and to 115mm from 90mm on the variable-chamber (CV) models. In addition, the slat holders are manufactured from higher-quality material, and the roller floor bolts are thicker, too.

All Comprima X-treme models are available with moisture sensing, while bale weighing systems are only available on the CF and CV models. Isobus-compatible electronic comfort control system come as standard and can be complemented by an optional CCI Isobus control unit.

The CF and CV models store up to twelve spare rolls of film wrap, which are stored on holders that swing sideways for convenient removal. The on-board hydraulic system ensures that the oil flow and pressure is always correct on all hydraulic components.

All variable Comprima X-treme models have a soft core kit as standard specification. This uses a stop plate to set the soft core to one of three positions – a simple system that allows adaptation to all crops and crop conditions without investing in a complex electronic system.

Features specific to models within the fixed-chamber X-treme range includes a bale size of 1.25m-1.35m on the Comprima F 125 XC with a diameter that can be adjusted in 5cm steps by refitting a pin near the rear door. The width of all bales is 1.20m.

The semi-variable Comprima F 155 XC X-treme has a bale diameter (1.25m – 1.50m) set manually in 5cm steps by refitting two pins on the right and left machine side. Users can also opt for a hydraulic tensioning mechanism for F 155 XC X-treme, which allows operators to select bale dimension and bale density conveniently from the control unit in the tractor cab and gives the machine maximum flexibility in silage, hay or straw.

The variable Comprima V 150 XC X-treme produces 1m to 1.50m diameter bales. This machine offers hydraulic density control by measuring and adjusting the compressing force in order to match the pressure to the current conditions and give the operator full control over the density, even though the machine is not equipped with an electronic system.

The variable Comprima CV 150 XC X-treme and the semi-variable Comprima CF 155 XC X-treme models bale and wrap in one single operation. The compact CV machine produces 1m – 1.5m diameter bales, the CF version 1.25m – 1.5m bales.

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