Wool takes centre stage at North Sheep

An iconic three metre high installation will form the stunning centrepiece of the British Wool Marketing Board's stand at this year's North Sheep Event, Crimple Head Farm, Harrogate, on Wednesday 5 June.

The BWMB stand, which this year is being organised jointly with the Campaign for Wool (CfW) will feature examples of all the work done by the organisation at every stage in the wool supply chain, explained BWMB Chairman and Northumberland sheep farmer Malcolm Corbett.

wool display

Iconic WOOL display to feature on the British Wool Marketing Board’s stand at this year’s North Sheep Event.

“The centrepiece of the stand, the ‘WOOL’ installation is a dramatic statement piece covered in different wool applications which has drawn massive attention wherever it has been shown before. The nature of the piece means it is very much a touch and feel piece as well as a stunning visual display.

“The piece is a perfect reflection of the British wool industry, showcasing a wide variety of uses for wool from the massive range of breeds and types farmed across the world.”

BWMB Producer Communications Manager Gareth Jones said the BWMB and CfW stand will also help sheep farmers appreciate the depth of work BWMB does at all levels of the wool supply chain. “BWMB is actively involved at every stage of the wool supply chain, through its auction system and relationships with processors and manufacturers. Visitors to North Sheep will be shown just how BWMB works for them to maximise the value of their wool clip no matter what breed of sheep or size of flock they have.”

“The organisation’s active involvement in shearing training will also be showcased at the event, with BWMB sponsoring the sheep shearing competition. Shearing is an essential part of supplying high quality wool to our customers and if wool isn’t harvested in good condition its value can be significantly reduced when it comes forward for auction.”

Visitors to the BWMB stand will also be able to take part in a competition to identify fleeces from a range of sheep breeds.

Meanwhile, visitors to the event will also be able to listen to Mr Corbett giving an in depth insight in to the work of BWMB in an event seminar ‘Your Board’ at 12.25pm, as well as see experienced wool grader and Depot Manager, Chris Rowan of North of England Wools judging the Wool on the Hoof competition.

Set in the heart of one of the most sheep dense parts of the country North Sheep is an important event in the sheep farming calendar and BWMB staff and Board Members are looking forward to meeting plenty of sheep farmers to help them appreciate the work BWMB does and listen to their queries and concerns on wool marketing.


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