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First came the egg, then the chicken ….now the pig!


Compassion in World Farming is pleased to introduce a new award to its suite of Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards.

The Good Pig Award celebrates companies that are using, or committing to using, higher welfare production systems for sows and meat pigs. The award is open to all well known or notable food companies in Europe.

ciwf awards
Award winners must have a policy, or a five-year welfare commitment, for their sows and meat pigs to achieve a full Good Pig Award. The criteria* address issues of confinement, lack of “manipulable materials”, tail docking, teeth clipping/grinding and surgical castration. To find out more, please visit or contact the Food Business Team on T: 01483 521950.

Compassion recognises that continually improving the welfare of pigs can be difficult for companies, which is why the organisation’s Food Business Team offers resources to help at every step of the way. Resources will include a series of information sheets on each criterion of the award, case studies of producers demonstrating best practice in high welfare systems and ongoing support and advice.

Furthermore, winning an accolade for animal welfare can provide excellent marketing opportunities and have a positive effect on the reputation of participating organisations. With consumers increasingly turning to more ethical produce, it makes sense for producers to move to higher welfare farming systems and husbandry in order to stay competitive.

David Neal, Production Manager for Dent Ltd, the third largest pig meat producer in the UK is a firm believer that farms which run with the welfare of its pigs at its core can be successful. He says: “Dent’s farms’ success is down to immaculately kept buildings; plenty of straw and genuine care for the welfare of the pigs. Dent’s farms are proof that farms can be productive and profitable while keeping the welfare of the pigs at the heart of the process”.

In 2011, Compassion awarded eight producers that are making tangible benefits to pig welfare with a ‘Leadership in Pig Welfare’ award and more than 248 thousand sows and meat pigs are set to benefit each year as a result of these award winners’ policies alone. Compassion is looking forward to awarding those taking even further steps with a Good Sow Commendation, a Good Pig Commendation or a full Good Pig Award for being both sow and meat pig friendly.

The Good Pig Award will sit alongside the Good Egg, Good Chicken and Good Dairy awards as part of Compassion’s full suite of Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards.

*Award criteria

There are three types of award available: Good Sow Commendation for being sow friendly, Good Pig Commendation for being meat pig friendly and a full Good Pig Award for being both sow and meat pig friendly.

Sow Criteria:

  1. No confinement (sow stalls) during the dry period
  2. No confinement during lactation (farrowing crates) – an active monitoring/improvement programme for pre-wean mortality must be in place
  3. Provision of adequate manipulable material and bedding throughout life

Meat Pig Criteria:

  1. No tail docking – an active monitoring programme and contingency plan for tail bite incidence must be in place
  2. No teeth clipping/grinding – an active monitoring programme for piglet facial damage and sow udder damage must be in place
  3. No surgical castration
  4. Provision of adequate manipulable material and bedding throughout life

There are four award categories:

  • Pork
  • Bacon and gammon
  • Cured and cooked hams and sliced meats
  • Processed and ingredient

The Food Business engagement program works by recognising and rewarding, retailers, manufacturers, food service companies, and public bodies for working in a sustainable and responsible way for tangible improvement to animal welfare. In the program, we build upon our learning’s from developing voluntary standards with some of the leading food companies in the world, helping them to be champions of the growing movement for sustainable and ethical food.

We have run our flagship scheme, the Good Egg Award, since 2007 to celebrate companies who source cage-free eggs. We have now expanded the scheme by launching the Good Chicken Award in 2010, the Good Dairy Award in 2011 and the Good Pig Award in 2012.

Over 265 million animals are now set to benefit each year from the higher welfare policies of all our Good Farm Animal Welfare Award winners.

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