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New UK HQ and factory for Fliegl

German farm equipment manufacturer Fliegl set to open new HQ and factory in the UK.

fliegl trailer

Fliegl are known for their manure and slurry machinery and push-off trailers

German farm equipment manufacturer Fliegl – known for its manure and slurry machinery and push-off trailers – is set to open a new HQ and factory in the UK.

The family run business is in the final stages of negotiations to sign a lease on a property at Frampton Fen in Boston, Lincolnshire.

The announcement was made at the company’s 40th anniversary celebrations and is part of its commitment to increase its presence in the British market.

Commercial director Jose Viedma said the focus will primarily be on high-capacity conventional monocoque tipping trailers but that other products could later be added to the production regime.

The HQ and factory will initially employ around 10 people – including five apprentices that could be taken from surrounding schools and colleges.

Mr Viedma said: “We’re looking forward to building on the success that we’ve had elsewhere and offering British farmers the very latest in agricultural innovations.

“We know it’s competitive and there are already a lot of other manufacturers but we’re confident that we’ll be able to make inroads into the market. We have to look at the long term – and that, for us, is becoming an established name within the UK.

“We hope to help with unemployment in the Boston area and we’ll look to local schools and colleges and teach people how to weld and manufacture.

“We’re a family run business and we want to be part of the community – from improving the skills of the local workforce through to supporting the local football team. We’re keen to get involved. It’s very important to us.”

Mr Viedma said the new premises will allow Fliegl to custom fit its products specifically to meet the requirements of UK farmers, while it will also enable the company to provide a greater level of customer service.

He added that while a lot of the materials would be shipped from Germany, where possible they would also use the UK supply chain, for example in sourcing steel.

“We can bring a lot of our technology from Europe – we know the demand is there – and we’ll then adapt that for the UK,” Mr Viedma said.

“Laws are changing, for example in relation to maximum weights, braking systems and load sensing devices. Maybe our trailers in Europe are too tall or too small? We‘ll ship the basics from Germany and custom fit for the UK.”

The HQ will also be used to support Fliegl’s current network of UK dealers, which the company is looking to expand.

“Until now we’ve dealt with a small number or people approached us directly,” Mr Viedma said.

“But as farm sizes increase, our customers need bigger, more technologically advanced and more efficient machinery, backed by great service and support. That’s what we want to provide.

“Clients say: ‘I like your product but I also want the best service. Where can I get that service? I get it from my local dealer’. As a result we want as many local dealers as we can so we can provide the best service possible.”

Mr Viedma said one area where they expected to see a lot of growth was the renewable energy sector – particularly in the transport and management of woodchip for biomass and maize silage for anaerobic digestion.

“The more we talk to people the more desire we have to be serious in that market. We will manufacture augers, trailers, woodchip blowers and dryers,” he said.

“Anything that helps with the transport, delivery and drying of woodchip. It’s going to be a tremendously important area for us in the UK.”

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