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New high power professional 24v battery booster pack from GYS


New from GYS the French Battery Charger manufacturer is GYSPACK PRO 12.24, a brand new self-contained 12V and 24V booster pack designed for high performance and long life.

Designed for automotive, commercial vehicle, agricultural fleet operators and vehicle repair organisations both in the workshop and on-site, this professional mobile battery booster pack is possibly the most powerful on the market delivering a maximum 6200A for a 12V battery and 3100A for a 24V battery. One of the largest frustrations for vehicle workshops and commercial vehicle operators is the short charging life and longevity of booster packs, this pack fully charged is sufficient to start up to 28 trucks with 12V batteries or 16 starts up on 24V batteries between re-charging. This measurement is taken at 1V per cell with an output power of 850A over 5 seconds with a 2 minute pause between each start.

A high proportion of the cost of a Booster Pack is the batteries inside. GYS use the highest quality and specification batteries for maximum performance. Having made an investment in a powerful booster pack the user will reasonably expect the product to perform for a long time. A key feature of the GYSPack 12:24 is the on board Batium battery charger to maintain the battery packs. This charger is a highly advanced microprocessor controlled charger with Multistage Charging Curve which will maintain the charge in the unit to the maximum and prolong its operating life (all the user has to do is keep it plugged in when not in use). The unit can be recharged to full capacity in 2 hours.

Other features include on-board protection for the vehicle warning against polarity inversion and connection to battery terminals without any sparks, whilst a 20A fuse protects the unit against power supply variations. The unit is supplied with a high quality trolley to manouevre its 40Kg in weight and includes 2 x 50mm section high quality cables and is Made in France

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