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Plant Impact launches eNTiton™ in the UK

Plant Impact, a leader in plant science innovation, is pleased to announce its launch of eNTiton™, a new foliar-applied product for rooting and establishment of field vegetables and arable crops.

eNTiton™ is developed from the Company’s PiNT technology and is formulated to supplement base nitrogen to more effectively deliver nitrogen to the plant over a sustained period. The product encourages root development, enabling the plant to better utilise nutrition in the soil.

“Our launch of eNTiton™ could not be more timely”, explains Plant Impact UK Technical Marketing Manager, Paul Thomas. “As we finally emerge from an exceptional UK and European winter, 2013 is setting up to be a challenging season. The wet, cold weather has yielded difficult soil conditions and poor plant vigour. Nutrients are less available in cool soils, so it’s even more important that plants have a strong and established root structure. Early application of eNTiton™ will help plants to develop this solid foundation required to achieve summer yield potential. “

The research effort behind eNTiton™ lead to the development of a novel form of mixed nitrogen with potassium, which is more stable and better able to encourage establishment and rooting. “Trial results have shown that eNTiton™ provides the crop with available nitrogen for longer due to its unique formulation which is less susceptible to breakdown and leaching” explains Paul. “In transplanted vegetable crops, strong rooting is vital to ensure a high transplant success rate; this root structure provides a stronger anchor which can reduce susceptibility to mechanical and environmental damage.”

In arable crops such as OSR and cereals, the prolonged availability of nitrogen enables plants to recover and grow to maximum potential when cool soil condition or cool environment are limiting their progress.

Professional arable and vegetable growers can be confident that with eNTiton™, their plants will have the best opportunity to thrive and develop despite the current conditions.


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