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Farmers to benefit from rural business acquisition


Rural supply and retail businesses have a responsibility to offer a dynamic and diverse range of services and goods to the rural community. That is the message from Countrywides Chief Executive John Hardman, who this week announced Countrywides latest business acquisition, that of Herefordshire based 7Y Services Ltd.

7Y Services Ltd is a respected provider of services to farmers and other clients in the rural business community, enabling them to respond flexibly to seasonal demands, environmental conditions and new market opportunities.

Acquiring the business of 7Y Services Ltd demonstrates Countrywides commitment to agriculture whilst enhancing our reputation as a business whose ethos is to provide the very best service in support of the rural community, says John Hardman.

7Y forms a perfect fit with Countrywide. It ties in naturally with our current range of services, providing farmers with additional specialist services which are becoming an essential part of running a flexible and profitable farm business.

Countrywide completed the acquisition of 7Y Services on October 1st, buying the assets and trade assets of the business in full.

7Y’s services are offered through five specialist divisions:

  1. Technology – I.T support and consultancy.

  2. Knowhow – Training courses and facilities.

  3. Agriservice – Contracting services and commodity supplies.

  4. Business – Business and renewable energy consultancy.

  5. People – Temporary and permanent staff plus payroll services.

We fully intend to add to the 7Y offer by expanding existing services such as providing access to renewable energy and asset management products to compliment our traditional range of nutritional and agronomy advice.

7Y Services CEO Julian Morgan, plus 18 members of staff, will continue their involvement with the business and we look forward to working with them for the benefit of our customers, concludes Mr. Hardman.

For many of our existing customers it will very much be business as usual, comments Julian Morgan. We will operate from the existing office, retain our current team of employees and will continue to trade as 7Y Services. Countrywide offers us significant opportunities to develop the business by providing the resources to launch additional services across a much wider geographical area, ensuring that more farmers have the capacity to meet the ever changing challenges presented by the agricultural industry.


Countrywide is the UKs leading supplier of quality products and services supporting the rural community.

Countrywide has a reputation for delivering a high-quality, personalised service, by its 1,000 experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Focusing on three specialist areas – Agriculture, Energy and Retail; 2009/10 was Countrywides third consecutive year reporting record operating profits.

In Agriculture, Countrywides expertise offers products and related services for the livestock, arable and turf and amenity sectors, delivered through 40 farming specialists and an in-house support team.

Countrywide has over 50 years experience of providing Energy and now offers a wide range of fuel products and support services, including autogas, cylinders, LP Gas and a range of bio-renewable fuels.

Countrywides 46 country Retail stores in England and Wales, and a 24/7 on-line service, sell vast range of rural goods to a growing group of customers, including over 40,000 account holders. In-store experts focus on supporting customers with a focus on equine, agriculture and pet care.

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