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BBC Countryfile star joins UK farming charity to fight for food security in Africa

The BBC Countryfile presenter Ellie Harrison has expressed her delight at joining a UK farming charity to support vulnerable rural communities in Uganda.

Ellie Harrison

Ellie Harrison

After being confirmed as Patron to Farmers Overseas Action Group (FOAG) the TV presenter said she wanted to encourage Britain’s rural communities to support their hard-pressed counterparts in Uganda.

In the first act of her new role Ellie has today launched a drive to raise money to help bring food security to the village of Namalu, located in remote northern Uganda, which has been ravaged by droughts and floods in recent years.

Ellie said: “I am very proud to be FOAG’s patron and hope that others will join me in supporting this thoughtful charity.

“Today we are launching a campaign to raise funds which will be used to finance food storage silos in the village of Namalu which sits in one of the most vulnerable areas of northern Africa. It’s an achievable goal and an investment in food security that will last.”

Iain Patton, chairman of FOAG, welcomed Ellie to FOAG and explained how the money would be used to benefit hundreds of families in Namalu.

“Every year the farmers in Namalu do everything they can, often in extreme weather conditions, to grow enough food to feed their families and, with luck, sell some surplus for a profit.

“But because there is virtually no adequate storage for their crops everything is consumed and sold months before the next harvest leading to horrific food shortages and massive food price inflation.

“Our scheme provides food storage silos to keep the food local so the community doesn’t run short and prices remain constant all year round.”

Iain added that it was fantastic to have Ellie on board.

“Throughout her career Ellie has been a brilliant ambassador for the UK countryside so it is great that she has agreed to support our work in the Ugandan countryside,” he said.


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