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Leading broker claims farm injuries to young people may be avoided


Bluefin Insurance Services, one of the UKs largest insurance brokers and leading providers of agricultural insurance, is highlighting the issue of safety for young people around farming. The hundreds of claims in the last year (589 in 2008/09) may have been preventable if proper health and safety had been observed.

Statistics from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for 2000-2010 conclude that 43 young people under the age of 18 died in agricultural work-related incidents. During the same period many more young people suffered serious injuries such as leg amputation and serious burns (HSE).

It is easy to view young people as part of the family throughout the daily operations on a farm. However, when they are working or have access to work areas, they must be given appropriate training and protection primarily so that they do not suffer injury and secondly because the employer has a legal duty of care towards them. Risk assessments and limited access to hazards are vital to ensure that accidents dont happen, commented Ian Boyer, a Bluefin executive based in Carlisle.

Young people need to learn about farm life and the activities involved, but is it important that they do so safely. A proactive approach and a little forethought to the learning process for a young person can greatly assist in reducing the risks.

Top tips to remember include:

  • Young people under 16 must not drive operate or help to operate any of the following:
  • Towed or self-propelled harvesters or processing machines
  • Trailers or feed equipment with conveying, loading, unloading or spreading mechanisms
  • Power driven machines with cutting, splitting or crushing mechanisms or power-operated soil
  • engaging parts
  • Chemical applicators such as mounted, trailed or knapsack sprayers
  • Handling equipment such as lift trucks, skid steer loaders or certain all-terrain vehicles

If young persons under 16 are carried on trailers, it must be ensured that:

  • The trailer is in good condition with all safety devices working
  • Seating is provided and secured to the trailer (well-made bales if properly secured may be adequate)
  • Guard rails are fitted around the trailer edges
  • There are safe mounting and dismounting arrangements
  • Children are supervised by a responsible adult at all times
  • Ensuring that these points are correctly followed will assist in complying with the legal responsibility
  • placed upon the farm during its day-to-day activities

Bluefins insurance expertise spans the entire range of activities from livestock rearing, dairy and poultry, through arable and cereal crops to agricultural contracting.

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