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Map grassweed areas now for autumn control, says Dow AgroSciences


The end of June is an ideal time to take stock of your grassweed challenges, says Dow AgroSciences grass weed control specialist Stuart Jackson.

As crops start to ripen, grassweeds such as ryegrasses, wild oats, bromes and blackgrass appear above the crop. Assessing infestations and identifying their location on a farm map will help plan management for following crops, says Mr Jackson.

This autumn farmers have their first opportunity to use the newly launched Broadway Sunrise based on pyroxsulam and pendimethalin.

Often farmers focus on a particular weed, when in fact they have a wider range of grasses to control, says Mr Jackson. The strength of Broadway Sunrise is it will effectively tackle the widest range of grass weeds infestations in winter wheat.

As well as mapping grassweeds, this is also an ideal time to send seeds for testing where resistance is suspected.

If your grassweed strategy on weeds such as blackgrass is not working, or you are seeing patches of weeds appearing where you didnt have them before, it may well be that resistance has developed, says Stuart, Now is the ideal time to talk to your agronomist about getting the seeds sampled for resistance, so that you can develop your strategy for next season.

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