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New Kleber Gripker


Kleber has launched the new 65-series Gripker tyre for 80 to 180 hp tractors. The new tyre is the latest addition to Klebers range of tractor tyres and the Gripker name was selected after 3,000 farmers voted for it at the SIMA 2009 trade show.


Particularly suited to mixed crop farming and livestock operations, the new Kleber Gripker provides superior soil protection1 thanks to its exclusive design. Its lugs are designed to reduce damage to emerging crops and grasslands, and more rounded, to ensure that mud is effectively expelled from the tread, for self-cleaning.

While the new Kleber Gripker has a particularly modern appearance, it also features the three small interlugs between the tread bars that have been a trademark of Klebers tyres throughout the companys history.

In addition, the new range2 is suited to road use as required by todays farmers and carries the D speed rating, allowing speeds of up to 65 km/h3. The Gripker has updated Klebers range of the increasingly popular 65-series tyres and this is highlighted by the fact that sales in this category grew by 70% between 2000 and 20084.

With the addition of the Gripker, Kleber has updated its offering, which will comprise the following products as of June 2010:

–    The Kleber Topker for higher-horsepower tractors between 200 and 300 hp, which combines superior traction with outstanding robustness.

–    The 65-series Kleber Gripker for 80 to 180 hp tractors, which delivers excellent grip while also enhancing soil protection.

–    The 70-series Kleber Fitker for 70 to 180 hp tractors, whose versatility is its main strength.

–    The 85-series Kleber Traker is for 60 to 160 hp tractors and is ideally suited to general farm work.

The Kleber Gripker range has been developed as part of Klebers global investment strategy, which will also include a new advertising campaign featuring the brands traditional mascot, Urvic the boxer dog.

This forthcoming addition to its product range is further proof of Klebers ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of todays farmers.

1) Compared to the Kleber Super 11L.

2) The Kleber Gripker will be available in 13 sizes: 440/65R24, 480/65R24, 540/65R24, 440/65R28, 480/65R28, 540/65R28, 540/65R30, 540/65R34, 600/65R34, 540/65R38, 600/65R38, 650/65R38 and 650/65R42.

3) Where permitted by law.

4) Source: Michelin.

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