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Evance first company to submit data for MCS Phase 2

Delivering confidence in product performance and reliability

4th May 2010 Evance, a leader in the manufacture of small wind turbines, is pleased to be the first company to have completed the Mircogeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)   Phase 2 requirements when the MCS Transition Arrangements document was issued on 28th April 2010.

The MCS Phase 2 required performance data and a safety & function report to be submitted for products, which Evance has submitted for the R9000, and performance data is available at

“The MCS gives consumers the guarantee that certified microgeneration products and the installers of those products have conformed to a rigorous set of standards. The introduction of Phase 2 transition arrangements for small wind systems now gives customers additional information on the status of listed products, commented Alex Murley, Head of Small-Systems for RenewableUK.

We were excited to be the first manufacturer to submit product documentation which satisfies Phase 2 of the MCS Transition Arrangements and we have also completed the Factory Control Process assessment, stated Andrew Tasker, Product Director for Evance. We have been working with an independent certification body for over a year to carry out comprehensive testing at our fully calibrated facilities, as key features of Evance products are quality and reliability.

We welcome the introduction of this scheme as we believe it will improve standards across the industry said Kevin Parslow, CEO of Evance. To fulfill all the product testing and data verification is a significant investment. We are committed to achieving the full MCS award as it gives all customers confidence in our ability to deliver a leading product.

Although the first small wind system market in the world to introduce robust product standards, the UK sector is in a period of transition, with many wind products currently undergoing MCS testing and certification processes for the first time and which have yet to be completed, continued Alex Murley, Head of Small-Systems for RenewableUK.

About Evance

Evance is a leading manufacturer of small wind turbines. Designed to capture energy at low wind speeds and convert up to 96% of energy captured into electricity, the 5kW R9000 turbine leads its field in efficiency, reliability and performance. This renewable energy solution is ideal for farms & rural businesses, education institutions, industrial businesses and rural houses

Evance, based in the UK, has an International network of resellers.

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