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BASIS Announces New Foundation Award in Agronomy


BASIS has introduced a new Foundation Award in Agronomy providing a good solid introduction to the basics of agronomy. The new award has been designed to fill the gap for those who require an understanding of agronomy including the weeds, pests and diseases affecting UK crops but who will not be giving advice to growers, said BASIS Managing Director Rob Simpson.

The course is a sound introduction to agronomy, integrated crop protection and basic crop nutrition. For some delegates with limited crop experience and knowledge it will serves as a preliminary course for the BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection (Agriculture or Vegetables) training.

For others, who have a role which will not involve giving agronomy and crop protection advice, it is a standalone course providing them with a level of understanding and knowledge appropriate for their work. This is a diverse group including some farm staff, quality assurance officers, machinery manufacturers personnel and many others.

The qualification, awarded to those successful in the examination, will be of particular value to those for who see this as end point in agronomy training. It will also serve to encourage those considering progression to other courses such as the BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection and FACTS.

For the future it may also be a suitable qualification for shop/distributor/counter/ telephone sales staff who may be selling and/or supplying crop protection products but not giving advice.

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