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Generate cash from fresh air


By April 2010 farmers could use the wind on their farms to generate profits all year round.

A Government initiative will see farms with wind turbines being paid for the energy they generate, whether they use it themselves or sell it back to the grid.

The Feed in Tariff scheme is set to promote renewable energy but will also generate a generous profit margin too.

Robbie Gawthrop, a director of East Green Energy based on a farm in East Anglia, says A wind turbine which costs 50,000 could generate 10,000 a year.  The energy can be used on the farm or sold straight back to the grid.

Wind turbines have received bad press in the past; this is often because they have not been positioned in the correct place.  Farmers can also receive interest free loans to install these systems correctly.

East Green Energy suggest you check a few things before you consider installing a wind turbine:

  • Talk to your local planning officer to check on permission for the structure.
  • Check the wind speed in your area on the DTI website
  • Check if your land is high enough to generate enough wind
  • Ensure that the wind turbine is installed by a MSC approved company or you wont be paid for the energy you generate

Robbie added The one thing that infuriates us as energy suppliers, is witnessing poor installation.  This doesnt just give the energy companies a bad name, it also puts off others from installing green energy.

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