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Britains Got Bottle…As Milk Gets Through The Snow And Ice


Milk will keep appearing on shop shelves and on doorsteps the length and breadth of the country, Dairy UK said today.

Despite temperatures in parts of the UK dropping as low as -18 degrees Centigrade, cows are still being milked, tankers are managing to collect from farms and the nations favourite dairy foods are getting to retail shelves and doorsteps.

Dairy UK Director General Jim Begg said: Much of the country has been under snow and ice for nearly three weeks now, but the milk continues to get through.

It is a testament to the dedication and skill of thousands of farmers, tanker drivers and milkmen that consumers are able to enjoy their usual milk and dairy products. Whether at the local supermarket, corner shop or from the milkman, plentiful supplies are getting through.

Many in the industry have gone that extra mile in hazardous conditions to keep the system running smoothly and to make sure that Britain doesnt lose its bottle.

There are numerous tales of individual bravery and determination. Across the country, farmers have been keeping lanes and tracks passable so that milk can be collected.

Dairies have been working to fulfil extra orders from village shops, and are keeping supermarket shelves well stocked. Some milkmen have even taken to delivering from 4x4s to overcome the treacherous road conditions.

Ian Kay, this years Milkman of the Year, said: The snow has made things very difficult for milkmen. We have to be out in the dark, when its harder to spot the ice and of course colder than it is during the day.

But people are relying on us, so weve got to make sure we deliver. As long as theres milk at the depot well be picking it up and delivering it to peoples doorsteps. After all, it wouldnt be breakfast without a pinta!


Dairy UK is a trade association that represents the interests of dairy farmers, producer co-ops, milk processors and doorstep deliverymen.

Proud of Dairy is a Dairy UK campaign to raise the profile of the dairy industry.

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