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Local Food Firm Calls out for Local Growers

JR Holland Food Services, a leading North East food service provider is collaborating with a series of local farms and growers in the region to ensure fresh produce is sourced locally for its expanding client list.

As the official supplier to many of the regions Local Authorities which include schools and councils, as well as numerous private businesses J.R. Holland Food Services prides itself on being able to supply quality and locally sourced products, lending its support to smaller farms and independent growers in the region.

The most recent supplier to J.R. Holland Food Services comes in the shape of J Craigs Limited, at Tritlington Hall Farm in Morpeth. The mutually beneficial relationship, which has been some two months in the making, has gone from strength to strength allowing J.R. Holland Food Services to provide locally sourced produce whilst offering J Craigs Limited an exceptional distribution network.

Dennis Hutchinson, Managing Director of J.R. Holland Food Services, said:

As a major supplier of fresh produce we feel its important that we tap into local resources and support the regions economy. The North East has a rich farming heritage and there are numerous benefits of sourcing locally. For instance, J Craigs Limited is able to offer strawberries that are actually picked on the same day as we receive them and this in turn this allows a longer shelf life for our customers and ensures produce reaches them in peak condition and the freshest state possible.

At the top of our CSR agenda is of course the environment and sourcing locally also allows us to reduce food miles, meaning less carbon emissions which greatly benefits the environment whilst also reducing fuel costs. We are doing everything possible to source local, and are always on the lookout for new suppliers.

With a policy of supporting its region, J.R. Holland Food Services has strengthened links with local farmers to ensure the best of the regions fresh produce finds itself on dinner plates around the North East. The new Local section of the J.R. Holland website allows customers to see exactly where produce is being sourced and includes links to suppliers websites for accountability and traceability purposes.

The site also includes a call out to local growers to nominate themselves as a potential J.R. Holland supplier in order for the company to maintain its buy local policy.

Nick Craigs, Vegetable Grower and Director of J Craigs Limited, commented:

Some time ago we were approached by local authorities to provide fresh fruit and vegetables from our farm; however we did not have a distribution network to achieve this. JR Holland Food Services solved this problem with its excellent client list allowing our produce to be distributed across the entire region from niche restaurants to schools.

As a result of this contract we are collaborating with other local growers to provide an extensive range of locally sourced produce. The collaboration of local growers known as Northumbrian Fields means our strawberries, broccoli, spring greens, carrots and other vegetables that grow locally.

Based at Tritlington Hall Farm, Morpeth, and operating for over 20 years, J Craigs Limited offer a variety of fresh produce to a variety of wholesale markets, farmers markets and farm shops including Moorhouse, Brocksbushes Farm and Blagdon Farm Shop.


For further information or to nominate yourself as a local supplier please visit:

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