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Red Tractor Assurance Position Statement: response to the suspected E Coli outbreak across northern Germany


There is a serious outbreak of E Coli across northern Germany. German authorities have linked this to contamination in salad vegetables imported from southern Europe. UK consumers should not be alarmed says CEO of Red Tractor Assurance, David Clarke: There is absolutely no evidence of any contaminated product on sale in the UK. .

When it comes to British grown produce, the Red Tractor assurance scheme has for many years set some of the highest standards of hygiene and food safety in the World. There are strict controls on how the crops are grown, the hygiene facilities for workers in the field and the cleanliness of packing plants all designed to minimise the risks of contamination. And farms are inspected regularly to ensure that the standards are being followed.

I would urge people to look for the Red Tractor logo when out shopping to ensure that the food that you are buying has been produced to the highest standards.

Where you see the logo you can be sure that the fruit and vegetables have been produced on farms that are managed by professional growers, and which are independently inspected to meet Red Tractor standards.

Where you see the Union Flag in the Red Tractor logo you can also be sure that the food product has been grown here in the UK on British farms.

Consumers should continue to enjoy Red Tractor assured produce with confidence. Our cucumbers are in season at the moment can be enjoyed at their very best.

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