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Rupert and Ryan set to light up make mine Milk campaign


Rupert Grint, star of the Harry Potter film franchise, and Ryan Reynolds, the man behind the mask in new super hero film Green Lantern, have been unveiled as the new faces of the make mine Milk campaign.

Each actor has had their upper lip adorned with the iconic milk tash, and can be seen on thousands of bus sides and posters across England, Scotland and Wales as of today [9 May].

Rupert and Ryan are the latest in a series of high profile personalities to back the multi-million-pound campaign. They are in good company, following in the footsteps of Gordon Ramsay and Pixie Lott, R&B singer Usher, F1 racing driver Jenson Button, supermodel Elle Macpherson, the stars of The A-Team movie, TV presenter Tess Daly and pop band The Wanted.

Rupert is particularly pleased to be backing the make mine Milk campaign. With such a hectic schedule and a host of film roles on the horizon, he cited the white stuff as a key part in finding a balance between a hectic and healthy lifestyle. He said:

I come from a big family and my mum always made sure we had lots of milk to drink as kids. Its low in fat, refreshing and good for you, and really tasty too. Nowadays I still have milk with cereal for breakfast and always try to pick up a milky cappuccino when Im on set or on a photo shoot its important to get your daily dose of milk.

The 22-year-old got right into the spirit of the make mine Milk campaign by taking on the make mine Milk challenge, a competition in which celebrities try to gulp down a pint of low fat milk as quickly as possible. Rupert scored a very respectable 20 seconds.

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds was also thrilled to get on board with the make mine Milk campaign. With his new movie Green Lantern also involved with the American Got Milk? campaign, it represents the first international partnership between the two brands.

Sandy Wilkie, Chairman of the Milk Marketing Forum, is excited at the prospect of teaming up with such world renowned actors. He said:

To have Rupert and Ryan on board is fantastic. Theyre young, healthy and are the perfect people to highlight the benefits of consuming milk. Rupert is obviously getting ready for the next chapter of his career and Ryan has landed a major role in Green Lantern. To say were excited about this burst of make mine Milk activity is an understatement.


After a successful first year of the campaign, make mine Milk is hoping Rupert and Ryan will help to revive the nations love for milk further still, reminding people of its natural goodness most milk varieties contain less than 2% fat, and as it is nutrient-dense, low fat milk is also extremely healthy.

The campaign was created by the Milk Marketing Forum, which is a consortium of leading dairy companies comprised of Arla Foods UK, Dairy Crest Limited, First Milk, Milk Link and Robert Wiseman Dairies, with support provided by Dairy UK and The Dairy Council. Of the 7.5m spend, a third comes from European Commission funding.

To find out more about the make mine Milk campaign, check out the campaign website at, or join the Facebook community, which also hosts the make mine Milk Challenge leaderboard, at

Fans can also keep up to date with news by following make mine Milk on Twitter @makemineMilk or on YouTube at


  • Milk is a nutrient-dense food which means that it is a healthy addition to any modern diet and is suitable for all members of the family from school kids to the elderly.
  • Low fat varieties of milk have less than 2% fat which can make it a healthy choice in a climate of rising obesity. The low fat varieties of milk are:
      • Fat free (skimmed milk)
      • 1% fat milk
      • 0.75% fat milk
      • 1.8% fat (semi-skimmed milk)

  • Milk contains nutrients which are important for bone health including protein and calcium. These nutrients are also important for dental health.

  • The make mine Milk campaign has been commissioned by Dairy UKs Milk Marketing Forum. Of the 7.5m total spend for the campaign, a third comes from European Commission funding.

  • The Milk Marketing Forum is a consortium of leading British dairy companies and milk co-operatives with administrative support from Dairy UK, and nutritional advice from The Dairy Council. Its members are Arla Foods UK, Dairy Crest Limited, First Milk, Milk Link and Robert Wiseman Dairies.
  • Dairy UK is a trade association that represents the interests of dairy farmers, producer co-ops, milk processors and doorstep deliverymen. For more information visit

  • The make mine Milk campaign will run, initially, for three years in England, Scotland and Wales.

  • The make mine Milk campaign will be implemented by the London-based integrated agency, Kindred.
  • The White Stuff celebrity milk moustache campaign in Scotland was an initiative from the Scottish Dairy Marketing Company with support from the EC. By year ending December 2009, the long term decline in total fresh milk sales had been reversed with a significant increase of +3.4% in sales of milk in Scotland against the base year of year ending March 2003 (Source: Scott Montcrieff Independent Auditors)

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