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Goodyear Optitrac H+ The new standard for Harvesters


Goodyear is pleased to announce a new family in the OPTITRAC range specifically developed for harvester machines: The OPTITRAC H+.

The OPTITRAC H+ range will include tyres which are designed to operate at higher deflection levels which are marked with the letters IF as a prefix to the size and CFO as a suffix. These tyres have been designed in line with a 4 year 2009 ETRTO experimental standard which allows a load bonus of up to 55% for cyclic field operations without the need to increase the inflation pressure.

This new range was shown on Goodyears stand at the 2011 SIMA show held in Paris with the introduction of the first 2 sizes; IF800/70R32 CFO & IF800/75R32 CFO.

The new range will have the same design features as the other families in the OPTITRAC range which has sold over 1 million tyres since its market introduction namely: the asymmetric lug shape and premium tread depth combine to provide excellent traction and self cleaning.  The continuous helical lug curvature combined with computer optimized footprint pressure distribution provides efficient power and torque transmission and generate outstanding ride comfort. In combination with this, the tread rubber composition delivers high wear resistance.

In addition the OPTITRAC H+ will feature the aero tie in bead construction for greater sidewall strength and incorporates an extended sidewall flex zone that enhances durability and tyre life.

The new OPTITRAC H+ was developed by the Goodyear Innovation Centre Luxembourg (GIC*L). and has been tested and approved by harvester manufacturers in Europe.

Commenting on the new addition to the OPTITRAC range, Antonio Cury, Goodyears European Sales & Marketing director said; Our extensive testing has proven that the entire harvesting operation can be carried out using one constant inflation pressure for both road and field work. This lower inflation pressure and higher load capacity of the OPTITRAC H+ tyre provides an increased footprint area which increases traction and reduces penetration into the soil, this reduces soil compaction and rolling resistance and improves fuel consumption.

An example of the reduced pressure and increased load benefits of the OPTITRAC H+ tyre when compared to the standard OPTITRAC DT830 tyre operating in cyclic loading operations at 10Kmh is shown below.


Mr Cury further commented; Goodyear has identified the requirement to deliver to the market a tyre which is specifically designed for use on harvesting machines. The tyres are designed to provide the performance benefits that these high load machines demand both in transport and in harvesting applications. The heavier load carrying capacity of these tyres provides farmers and contractors with opportunities to increase their efficiency when carrying out harvesting operations, helping to reduce their costs

Goodyear will be exhibiting their range of Farm & Industrial tyres at Cereals 2011 in June.

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