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UKIP agriculture policy announcement

Neil Hamilton, Leader of UKIP in the Assembly and Spokesman on Agriculture & Rural Affairs, sets out a post Brexit agriculture policy for Wales.



Speaking to the Country Landowners Association during the Royal Welsh Show today, Neil Hamilton, Leader of UKIP in the Assembly and Spokesman on Agriculture & Rural Affairs, said:

‘I have taken the Agriculture brief for myself because farming and food security is so vital to rural Wales. I am announcing today a UKIP initiative to create a tailor-made post Brexit agricultural policy for Wales. Let’s cut red tape, make a bonfire of unnecessary forms, direct subsidies to where they are most needed and protect the most vulnerable farms, especially those in the uplands.

Now that agricultural policy is to be repatriated from Brussels to the UK, each of the four British nations will have its own, individual regime. This is great news for Welsh farmers and a golden opportunity for those whose lives and livelihoods are most intimately affected to shape their own future.

UKIP is totally committed to protecting the interests of Welsh farmers and the countryside and I intend to lead the debate.

I call on everyone who is interested in the future prosperity of Welsh farming and farmers to come forward now with practical ideas to create a cost effective system of agricultural support and guidance in the wider interest of Welsh people.’

3 Responses to UKIP agriculture policy announcement

  1. Charles Morgan Jul 20, 2016 at 09:17

    Nice half photo of Malham Gorge in Yorkshire. In former times it was like Niagara Falls when the U.K. was wetter than today. If you walk the Pennine Way you walk towards it on the right of the photo from the village of Malham. Not clear to me what Malham has got to do with Welsh agricultural policy. Do the sheep speak Welsh perhaps having been born in the Principality or UKIP´s only supporters in Yorkshire?

    • Administrator Jul 20, 2016 at 10:09

      You are quite correct Charles – it’s great that you are familiar with the area pictured – a beautiful part of the country. Quite clearly, Wales is synonymous with sheep – and so as no accompanying image was provided with this item, a sheep image to illustrate seemed appropriate.

      Of course, perhaps a more suitable image should have been selected from our image bank – displaying Welsh grass and sheep that perhaps baaa with a slightly different lilt – but all joking aside, we’ll try to ensure that we use more accurate images for these types of pieces in future.

      • Administrator Jul 20, 2016 at 10:17

        Image amended Charles – an image from the Royal Welsh Show…including sheep. Thanks again for pointing out our previous ‘faux pas’.


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