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Innovative fertiliser technology brings new nitrogen choice to UK farmers


British farmers now have a new alternative when choosing nitrogen fertiliser with todays launch of the K?N brand, a Koch Advanced Nitrogen fertiliser product offered by Koch Fertiliser Ltd.

Speaking at the launch event at the Farmers Club, London, Simon Borthwick of Koch Fertiliser said: We believe K?N fertiliser will deliver significant agronomic benefits for our farming customers.

The K?N product is powered by the technology of AGROTAIN, which is designed to maximize the productivity from nitrogen. The effectiveness of AGROTAIN has been demonstrated by UK research such as the ADAS-led Defra NT26 project* and Cambridge Arable Technologies trials in Haverhill, Suffolk.

Kochs K?N fertiliser utilises this proven technology to achieve a performance which is comparable to ammonium nitrate fertiliser. It does this primarily by minimising volatilisation conversion of urea to ammonia gas which takes place on the soil surface after urea fertiliser is applied.

K?N fertiliser delivers the low volatilisation and high agronomic performance expected with more expensive ammonium nitrate fertilisers. However, as K?N fertiliser is manufactured using urea, it provides advantages in cost, reliable supply and simplified transport and storage.

Farmers and distributors are struggling more than ever with rising nitrogen prices, sporadic availability and the burden of handling ammonium nitrate. Innovation and choice, backed by a reliable supply level, is part of Koch Fertilisers commitment to the future of British agriculture, Mr Borthwick adds.

K?N fertiliser is produced by Koch Fertiliser Ltd, which opened its new UK offices in Marlborough, Wiltshire at the beginning of 2010. Koch Fertiliser Ltd is a subsidiary of Koch Fertilizer, LLC which manufactures and distributes nitrogen fertiliser across global markets.

Koch Fertilisers K?N product is produced at the companys new deep-water facility at Avonmouth, Bristol. The capacity of this terminal helps ensure UK growers can access a full range of fertiliser options at competitive prices. The Avonmouth facility was commissioned on the 18th October 2010 when the first vessel arrived with 22,000 tonnes of urea nitrogen, with subsequent shipments now ensuring supply is readily available.

* The behaviour of some different fertiliser-N materials, by P.M.R. Dampney, D. Chadwick, K.A. Smith and A Bhogal.

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