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Pas Reform granted exclusive use of Microban in hatcheries


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Microban antibacterial technology is finding new applications in the hatchery sector, through an Agreement that gives leading Dutch hatchery technology company Pas Reform sole use worldwide.

Well-established as a leading innovator of incubation technologies, Pas Reform has incorporated Microban into the polymer used to manufacture setter trays, hatcher baskets and other hygiene-critical hatchery consumables.

“Pas Reform’s use of Microban technology represents an important development in minimising contamination by bacteria and pathogens in hatcheries”, explains Gerd de Lange, Senior Poultry Specialist of Pas Reform. “Millions of hatching eggs are transferred every day, between breeder farms and hatcheries. From the hatchery, day-old chicks are then transferred in their millions, to multiple points of delivery in the poultry chain.

“The constant flow of eggs and chicks in hatcheries can, without proper hygiene practices, increase the potential for cross contamination and bacteria transfer during transportation. Improving the hygiene throughout this process is an absolute priority” explains Mr de Lange.

Optimising the hatchery’s hygiene status is fundamental to good incubation. Bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes, so that within just seven hours, every bacterium can multiply into more than a million organisms. While disinfection is effective in the short term, it does not prevent the re-growth of micro-organisms once the surface dries and the disinfectant has evaporated.

By incorporating Microban technology into hatchery consumables such as setter trays and hatcher baskets, Pas Reform has created a unique and highly effective means of combating cross-contamination in modern hatcheries. Contact with the Microban treated polymer fatally disrupts the biological function of bacteria, to provide continuous protection between wash cycles.

Pas Reform’s director of international sales and development, Bouke Hamminga, has monitored performance and market response to the new products. He says, “We strongly believe in the partnership we have developed with Microban and have extended our territory market relationship from EMEA to further include Central and South America and the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand.”

Following the success of Pas Reform’s Microban-treated setter trays and hatcher baskets, the antibacterial technology will be incorporated in an extended range of consumables and into new applications in Pas Reform’s hatchery planning, design and installation services portfolio, such as hatchery flooring and joint sealants.

Paul McDonnell, managing director at Microban Europe, concludes: “Pas Reform has achieved remarkable growth with its innovative incubation technologies and we are pleased that our antibacterial technology is now part of this success.

“Certainly, this would appear to be a market sector where antibacterial protection brings a genuine and very high degree of benefit. We are looking forward to working with Pas Reform, to further extend its use of our technology.”


About Pas Reform

Pas Reform is an international company that has specialized in the development of innovative hatchery technologies for the poultry sector since 1919. The company has earned its position as one of the world’s leading hatchery technology suppliers, through decades of research into the biological and physiological aspects of embryo development. This, combined with a thorough understanding of all aspects of the poultry production chain and a dedicated focus on the future, has produced market-leading Smart incubation technologies and hatchery automation, climate control and ventilation systems.

In 2010, Pas Reform acquired LAN, a specialist in custom-made handling and transport solutions and since October 2011, the Company has secured exclusive global rights to supply Watter Non-Tox ECA disinfection technology to the hatchery sector.

With headquarters and a state-of-the-art global distribution centre in The Netherlands, Pas Reform’s international team works in more than 100 countries, fully supported by the research and training facilities of Pas Reform Academy. visit

About Microban Europe’s antibacterial protection

On untreated products, bacteria can potentially double in number in 20 minutes but, a wide range of antibacterial technologies to suit each specific application, Microban disrupts their functioning, usually causing them to die within 24 hours.

A dedicated certification programme ensures that quality testing is regularly carried out on all products carrying the Microban branding and that antibacterial claims are technically supported.

This allows manufacturers utilising Microban to support robust statements about their efficacy for example, “applied to the product at the point of manufacture preventing 99.9% of bacteria and odours, providing longer lasting freshness in home textiles between launderings.”

About Microban Europe

Microban Europe is the European division of Microban International, the global leader in built-in antibacterial product protection which is dedicated to the continuous development of durable antibacterial solutions for consumer, industrial and medical products around the world. It offers a range of more than 20 different antibacterial technologies, holds more than 100 patents and conducts more than 40,000 laboratory tests annually to underpin technical efficacy.

The company has licensed its technologies to more than 150 partners worldwide including such brands as Whirlpool, Bissell, Rubbermaid, Johnson & Johnson, Dupont and many other leading brands who have incorporated Microban antibacterial protection into more than 1,000 products.

Microban Europe has headquarters in Cannock, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, and also has operations in Germany, Italy and Spain. Microban International is headquartered in Huntersville, North Carolina and also has an Asian head office based in Hong Kong.

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