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How clean is your water?


When trying to reach a high production rate many factors are taken into consideration for example the feed that is used, the pigs environment, temperature, lighting and the overall well being. But in so many cases one
important element is always over looked.

pig drinking
The quality of the drinking water for pigs has to be the same as for human use, if you want a good production rate and a good healthy pig. This means keeping an
eye on the bacterial pollution.

Schippers UK conducted an independent survey to analyse water samples from a number of UK farms. Taking two samples one from the closes source to the mains and the other one from the drink at the end of the line.

Tested in an independent Laboratory the findings showed that in many cases the water quality had been over looked, one of the reasons for this can be because bacteria and viruses can grow in unclean water systems. The water from the mains would be fine but once it went through the water system it became polluted.

Di-o-clean a liquid solution which can be used in the prevention of high levels of bacterial pollution in the water. The product is supplied as a two-component kit, which reacts when dissolved together in a measured amount of water. Di-OClean kills all micro organisms present in water.

The micro organisms grow in the bio film in the pipelines. Di-O-Clean removes the bio film and makes sure that the bio film will not come back. Schippers UK offers testing to find out the quality of the water which flows through the system
to the pigs. The product removes the iron and manganese in the water pipes.

Water is of the highest importance, as any living being cannot survive long without water.

The Code of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock (Pigs) states that: All pigs over two weeks of age must have permanent access to a sufficient quantity of fresh drinking water. The more the pigs drink the more they will eat and the better the FCR will be.

A family run firm, Schippers whose slogan is ‘Passion for Farming’ has a “vast product range” for the livestock farmer and has been supplying European farmers for over forty years.

Schippers is already known throughout Europe as one of the largest service suppliers for the intensive livestock farmer. They launched the Schippers UK branch in early 2008 making it the newest branch of the Schippers group.

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