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JSRs 22nd Technical Conference – Beddington at Bonnington


JSR Genetics 22nd Technical Conference entitled The Next Agricultural Revolution takes place on Tuesday 13th September with Sir John Beddington, Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA), as keynote speaker.

Held at Nottingham Universitys Sutton Bonnington Campus the event always attracts key opinion leaders from throughout the pork value chain this years is no exception.

Tim Rymer, JSRs Chairman says, Having Sir John Beddington present his views on the future of the pig industry, and take questions, is a real honour for JSR. His opinion on the importance of genetic development, sustainable intensification and environmental responsibility are pertinent to the future of all livestock producers. They certainly resonate with JSR and will provide an excellent focus for the conference.

Sir John Beddington
Sir John Beddington recently commissioned the Foresight Report, the most comprehensive review to date of food security, the findings of which warn that population growth and climate change will endanger food supplies in the future. At the conference he will present his paper The future of food and farming: challenges and opportunities.

Dr Grant Walling, Managing Director of JSR, will present his thoughts on the need for radical changes in his address Revolutionising Global Pork Production.

As Sir John Beddington has identified, comments Dr Walling, to feed a growing population we need to work together to implement major changes. We are at a point where significant new technologies, with the potential to deliver the increased output we need to see in the pig industry, are not being used. We need to carefully scrutinise these technologies whether they be breakthroughs in reproductive technology, cloning or GM – to make the next Herculean step forward, enabling food supply to keep pace with population growth.

Other presentations include two from representatives from the pig supply industry, who are also facing challenges of keeping pace with rapidly changing industry demands.

Magnus Westerkamp, Managing Director of German company Big Dutchman Pig Equipment will ask how consumer demand affects the development of pig equipment whilst Mick Hazzledine, Pig Nutritionist at Premier Nutrition identifies the major challenges in feeding pigs in a changing market place.

Giving the producers view is Rob Mercer who, as owner, gives the story so far of Packington Pork a 3000 sow pig business that combines indoor, outdoor and free range pigs, from breeding to finishing and distributing meat to 120 butcher shops around England.

Coming together at the JSR Conference creates the opportunity to look back as well as forward, says Dr Grant Walling. Substantial worldwide growth has seen an increasing focus for JSR on the South American market and large scale projects in Russia and Eastern Europe as well as China and South East Asia. Our successes in Asia have been a particular highlight: notably the sale of nearly 800 animals to the GuangzhouAnimal Husbandry Company of Bejing, signed during the UK and China Business Summit; a contract to establish a 900 sow Nucleus herd in Hubei province and a 1m contract with the China Animal Husbandry Group. Looking to the future, we are in advanced trials with an exciting new sire line which is showing very promising results with the potential to be launched in 2012.

It has been an outstanding year, agrees Mr Rymer, and this promises to be a conference to match. We have exceptional speakers, an interesting key topic and many representatives from throughout the pork supply chain. I look forward to welcoming visitors to what will undoubtedly be one of our most stimulating conferences yet.


This PIPR registered event carries 8 CPD points for all enquiries call Natalie Cliff on 01377 227799


JSR Genetics Ltd are part of the group of agriculture-based companies that comprise the family owned JSR Farming Group established in 1958.


Through international franchises the JSR name is globally recognised in the field of pig genetics.  The supply of technical support and pure lines to global partners ensures the JSR name is synonymous with quality pig genetics across four continents.  The Genepacker gilt range and the Geneconverter terminal sires remain identifiable the world over.


JSR Genetics range of licensed boar studs across the UK provide a fast track to genetic improvement with semen available from the highest merit boars, backed by the reassurance of total bio-security through the renowned JSR Company Health Scheme.


JSR Genetics continues to develop a number of highly successful partnerships within the pigmeat supply chain as part of its competitive strategy to ensure that its customers remain successful in the rapidly changing market place within a global industry.


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