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Parliamentarians back new Dairy Makes A Difference initiative

‘Dairy Makes a Difference’ is a new initiative aimed at highlighting the benefits of dairy products and the dairy industry.

dairy makes a difference

Parliamentarians back ‘Dairy Makes A Difference’ initiative

‘Dairy Makes a Difference’, a new initiative aimed at highlighting the benefits of dairy products and the dairy industry, was launched at the House of Commons today with support from across the political spectrum.

Parliamentarians from all major parties signed written declarations of how ‘Dairy Makes a Difference’ to them and urged other MPs, Peers and Ministers to join them. Dairy Makes a Difference is being launched by Dairy UK to underpin growing confidence within the UK industry.

The campaign will showcase the many ways in which ‘Dairy Makes a Difference’ and its contributions to the economy, the environment, public health, nutrition and much more.

MPs, politicians at regional and local level as well industry groups and members of the public are being asked to sign up to Dairy Makes a difference via an interactive web page

Billy Keane, Chairman of Dairy UK, welcomed the support of politicians for the initiative and said:

“It is crucial for everyone involved in the dairy industry to see key decision-makers such as parliamentarians proactively support an industry that has tremendous support from the British public. We are delighted that parliamentarians are lending their support to Dairy Makes a Difference and we look forward to many more people in public life endorsing this initiative.

“The dairy sector enjoys phenomenal consumer support for the wide variety of nutritious products it provides and Dairy UK is incredibly proud of the industry it represents. We are delighted that the Government continues to show its support for the dairy industry and wants to see it grow in the future. Parliamentarians saying how dairy makes a difference to them as policy makers will provide a tremendous boost to the industry’s rising optimism.”

Dairy UK’s Chief Executive Dr Judith Bryans added:

“The industry has asked government and politicians to be clear and coherent in their support for dairy. We’re very pleased to say that we have received a strong and constructive response. In order to build an enduring and successful dairy industry fit for the future, we need to work collaboratively across the supply chain and with Government. Ensuring that we have a vibrant dairy sector which will serve the needs of consumers is of paramount importance.”

“The ‘Dairy Makes a Difference’ campaign is a unique opportunity for politicians to tell us in their own words why and how dairy matters. We will need to maintain this constructive and positive dialogue with policy-makers to foster growth and new opportunities in the sector.

“The industry’s merits and challenges deserve to be highlighted at every opportunity and Dairy UK will endeavour to do so at every possible opportunity under the ‘Dairy Makes a Difference’ banner this year and into the future.”

Neil Parish, Member of Parliament for Tiverton and Honiton, added:

“I am proud to be the host of the ‘Dairy Makes a Difference’ initiative launch. As a former dairy farmer myself I know the challenges and hardships that many producers go through but I am also optimistic about the industry’s future and the role it will play in bringing economic growth to the Country.

“However our dairy industry’s importance does not end with the economy. Dairy makes a huge difference to our environment by managing the landscape and protecting biodiversity, particularly in our uplands. Dairy products also have well known nutritional benefits that will help keep the UK fit and healthy.”

The guest speaker at the launch was Under Secretary of State for farming, food and marine environment George Eustice. The guest list included Neil Parish MP for Tiverton and Honiton, Mike Crockart MP for Edinburgh West, Martin Vickers MP for Cleethorpes, Heather Wheeler MP for South Derbyshire, Bill Wiggin MP for North Herefordshire, Glyn Davies MP for Montgomeryshire, Mark Spencer MP for Sherwood ,Jim Fitzpatrick MP for Poplar and Limehouse and Anne McIntosh for Thirsk, Molton and Filey.

dairy makes a difference

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