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Consumers support Morrisons Milk for Farmers

Morrisons’ Milk for Farmers success helps Arla farmer-owners during difficult times.

British grocery shoppers are demonstrating their commitment to dairy farmers and overwhelmingly supporting the new Morrisons’ Milk for Farmers range. The fresh milk, which is 100% sourced from Arla farms in the UK, is attracting an additional 10 pence per litre of milk sold which is passed back in full to Arla. As per the cooperative’s principles that its farmer owners have democratically endorsed, this will be shared amongst its 12,700 farmer-owners, 3,000 of whom are British.

To raise awareness further with consumers and the industry, Arla and Morrisons have today launched a short film featuring Arla farmer-owners talking about what Milk for Farmers means to them.

Since its launch, Milk for Farmers is selling multiple times ahead of forecast and if maintained, it is estimated £5 million over a year will be shared equally amongst Arla’s farmer owners.

Arthur Fearnall, Arla farmer owner and Board of Representative member, said: “We knew that consumers were keen to support the farming community but Milk for Farmers was the first time that a product campaign of this nature has been launched in such a significant way. It is promising to be an overwhelming success.

“We really appreciate what Morrisons and all our major retail customers are doing to help us champion the dairy industry and our farmer owners. This is just one of many examples across Europe where supermarkets are supporting dairy farmers and where all Arla farmers in the UK share equally in this growing pot of money.”

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