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Genetics Company Predicts an Exciting Future


Pfizer Animal Genetics is expanding its presence in the UK with the appointment of a dedicated team. The company will use state of the art genetic technology to improve the health, welfare and productivity of animals. The move comes at an exciting time for genetic research, as complete sequencing of the bovine genome has resulted in explosive growth of the possibilities.

As well as being able to provide tests addressing parentage (SireTRACE) and traceability (SureTRAK), Pfizer Animal Genetics can also help farmers identify the genetic potential that each animal has to produce tender, well marbled meat and to perform at optimal feed conversion efficiency (GeneSTAR) – vital management information that can improve profitability and enable effective decision making in long term breeding plans.

The company promise there is much more to come, with exponential growth in the identification of genetic markers, which will allow the imminent introduction of new tests set to provide much more detailed predictive information about individual animals all available virtually from birth onwards.

The New Team

Richard Chew is Customer Service Manager and the first port of call for anyone with questions about pricing & submission forms, samples and reports. Richard grew up in rural Lancashire and went on to study at the University of Bristol. Since graduation his career has taken him through a variety of scientific and customer facing roles. He has worked for Pfizer Animal Health for six years in the clinical development of vaccines and pharmaceuticals for livestock and is looking forward to the new challenges of the genetics business. Richard is based in our Surrey office and can be reached on 08345 3037398 or

Mike Marron and Peter Quigley are Dairy Sales Manager and Beef and Sheep Sales Manager respectively and they will be the contact points for breed associations, organisations and individuals who want to discuss how genetic assessment and identification can help assure the quality of a breed or herd. Mike has an honours degree in biological and biochemical science and a decade of experience in the animal health industry, with special interests in fertility and calf management. Peter also comes from the animal health industry and is looking forward to continuing the companys work with the Aberdeen Angus Society as well as developing programmes for other beef breed societies.

Mike or Peter will be in attendance at various agricultural shows across the UK including Agrilive, the South West Dairy Show, Surecalf, Agriscot, Thainstone Christmas Classic, the Welsh Winter Fair, The Great Yorkshire Show and the Northern Ireland Winter Fair, where they will be explaining how genetic testing can make a contribution towards improving the brand value of a breed and shortening the time frame to allow better management decisions to be made.

Dr Gary Evans is Technical Services Manager and will be providing detailed advice on how to improve pedigree herd books, the interpretation of results of genetic testing and detection of certain genetic diseases. Gary is a geneticist with fourteen years experience in the application of genomics to livestock and joins Pfizer Animal Genetics from PIC/Genus.

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