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Sheep farmers see red for success



Sheep farmers in the south west will be turning out some familiar red buckets into their pastures again soon as they tackle the issues caused at this transitional period of the lambing year. The bright red buckets of Crystalyx Sheep Extra High Energy, which is supplied in the region uniquely by Cornwall Farmers, is one of the most stable, successful and, potentially profit-generating products available to sheep farmers.

Crystalyx has proved so successful that it has retained the very same formula since being introduced many years ago. Made from dehydrated molasses and therefore naturally very weather resistant, Crystalyx promotes a better utilisation of forages which gradually builds up the ewes reserves in an economic way. Ewes flushed with Crystalyx gain weight faster than similar groups on grass alone and retain better condition in mid-pregnancy.

It is well proven that flushing ewes at tupping time is going to enhance lambing percentage. Last year, the cold winter did cause a fair amount of difficulties and disappointments and while it is too early to say how the weather will be this winter, its still good practice to adopt what might be called an ‘insurance policy approach, and protect the flock as much as reasonably possible by using Crystalyx at this time of year.

This will provide a sound foundation on the rising plain of nutrition required throughout the winter months and theres nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have done all you can, as results next spring will testify.

The red bucket feeders are, in themselves, of considerable benefit. The constant availability of the buckets to the flock eliminates the stampede effect and the increased stress which can be caused with bag delivered feeds. Furthermore, the consumption levels in the buckets is a useful barometer of the general levels of health in the flock, which tends to lick as it needs to, consuming more in bad weather, and less when the weather is less inclement.

If the flock is consuming the Crystalyx bucket rapidly, it can provide an important signal to increase concentrate levels and many farmers use a quick check of the levels in their buckets to assess the flocks needs throughout the winter.

Cornwall Farmers are currently offering Crystalyx in two sizes, 22.5kg buckets and 80kg tubs. Plus during November and December if you purchase a pallet of Crystalyx you can receive 30 off per pallet (44 x 22.5kg or 12 x 80kg).

To order or for further information on all Crystalyx products and details about sheep feed, supplements and Duchy Blends, please contact your local representative or telephone Robert Northcott on 07919 382518 or Philippa Lohmeyer on 07976 468563.

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