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Innovative new product in agricultural flood protection

A brand new innovation in flood defence – the HydroSack – is set to reinvent the way farmers protect their land from flooding.

Hydrosacks stop river-bank flood

Hydrosacks stop river-bank flood

Currently, over one tenth of land in England and Wales is at risk of flooding. However, until now, the only option for flood defence on farms has been to use heavy sandbags, which are ineffective, labour intensive and a potential health hazard. In contrast, the HydroSack is an easy to use, lightweight and environmentally-friendly invention, which promises to revolutionise the agricultural flood protection market.

The HydroSack, and its sister product the HydroSnake, are made with a non-woven fabric that covers pads of super absorbent polymer (SAP). Weighing just short of a kilo, the bags are extremely lightweight, making them easy to deploy into position. Upon contact with water, the SAP crystallizes, dramatically increasing in size and weight, to form an effective barrier against flood water.

David Sallon and Jacob Sallon with the HydroSnake

David Sallon and Jacob Sallon with the HydroSnake

David Sallon, creator of the HydroSack, said: “Sandbags have been used for hundreds of years, despite them being highly inefficient. They are cumbersome, difficult to store, leak water and store toxins from flood water. I wanted to create something that is much more effective and will revolutionise the way agricultural landowners protect against flooding.”

The contents of the HydroSack are eco-friendly. Once used, the bag can be split open and its contents can be poured onto the soil with no harmful effects on the environment – indeed, SAP is frequently used to hydrate crops. The cover can also be disposed of easily, unlike sandbags which need to be disposed of in a waste landfill site as their contents become toxic after use. The sand does not shift or decompose causing major problems for the environment.

David continued: “The HydroSack is an essential tool for anyone whose livelihoods could be damaged by flooding. It is possibly the most important development in emergency flood protection since the invention of the sandbag.”

HydroSacks and HydroSnakes are currently available from selected online distributors. For more information, please visit

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