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Farmers reminded of 21-day deadline for land use appeals

Welsh farmers were urged today to carefully read any correspondence they may receive from the Land Registry with details of landowners who registered their manorial rights before the October 13 deadline.

Farmers’ Union of Wales Montgomeryshire county executive officer Susan Jones said that after local landowners in the area had registered manorial rights by the October deadline, farmers were now starting to receive notices from the Land Registry advising them a third party is seeking to protect the mineral interests.

“The notices explain who has made the application, what they are seeking to register and how to get more information if it is needed. They also require any objections to the registration to be submitted within 21 days,” Mrs Jones said.

“It is this time period which farmers must make sure they meet if they wish to appeal. I’ve been receiving lots of calls from farmers about this issue and I’m concerned that some may not be aware of the need to respond within the 21-day deadline if they want an appeal considered.

“Land Registry lawyers will consider any objections in the first instance. Any ‘valid’ objections – for example, if you can prove the rights belong to you or they no longer exist – will then be considered.”


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