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Barclays extends emergency support to customers affected by severe flooding

Barclays is offering emergency support measures to help business and personal customers affected by the flooding.

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Recent severe wet weather has meant difficulties for farmers

The recent severe wet weather has been devastating for individuals and businesses alike. Farmland has been especially hard in many areas leading to uncertainty about finances – particularly in cases where insurance claims are taking a long time to settle. Those with loans, for instance, can find themselves in difficulties where cash flow is an issue.

Barclays have stepped in to address such worries for customers who bank with them.

Steve Cooper, Head of Barclays Business and Personal Banking Solutions said:

“It is vital that during difficult periods, we offer financial support to our Personal and Business customers impacted by the recent adverse weather conditions. It is impossible for many of our customers to operate as normal and we can take away some of their financial worry by offering support, such as providing emergency overdraft facilities, loan repayment holidays of up to 6 months for business customers and up to 12 months for farming customers.”

Barclays is offering emergency support measures to help business and personal customers affected by the flooding.

Barclays Business customers:

  • Barclays Business Managers will be proactively contacting customers to assess any damage or disruption caused to their businesses and offering solutions that will ease the burden on cash flow.
  • Barclays can, depending upon the individual circumstances of the business, offer to provide overdraft increases and capital repayment holidays of up to six months on customers’ existing loans. This will allow businesses time to recover from the immediate impact of the damage caused by the flooding, or to bridge the gap until insurance claims are settled.
  • Barclays Business customers can call 0845 605 2345 to discuss their circumstances.

Barclays Personal customers:

  • Our representatives have already been deployed to provide assistance to those impacted by flooding and we continue to move resource into the worst hit areas to ensure customers get a timely visit.
  • Barclays Personal customers with an overdraft can ask for a temporary increase to help with emergency bills. Customers without an overdraft can also apply for an emergency overdraft.
  • Barclays mortgage holders should contact us to discuss their individual circumstances at the earliest possible time so that we may offer the appropriate solution to their needs.
  • We can help Barclays Home Insurance customers affected by the floods who can no longer live in their home to find temporary accommodation, and arrange for emergency payments to replace essential items where appropriate.
  • Barclays Home Insurance customers can call 0800 027 9844 to make a claim.
  • Barclays Personal customers can call 0845 7555 555 to discuss their circumstances.

Barclays Agriculture customers:

  • Barclays Agricultural Managers will work closely with farmers impacted by the adverse conditions to understand their individual circumstances.
  • Barclays Agriculture can offer, depending upon these individual circumstances, Capital Repayment Holidays of up to 12 months on mortgages and loans, in order to ease cash flow problems over the coming months.
  • We can offer to extend or increase existing overdrafts, increasing working capital available to help cover increased costs caused by the adverse weather conditions such as additional concentrate feeds or emergency forage purchases.
  • We would encourage UK farmers that are experiencing difficulty from the adverse weather conditions to contact their own Agricultural Manager directly.

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