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New Michelin harvester tyre significantly improves productivity


(Stoke-on-Trent August 24, 2010) Cereal farmers, contractors and farm-machinery cooperatives are to benefit from the launch of a new Michelin tyre which can help reduce the stress and hassle associated with moving combine harvesters by road, whilst delivering increased productivity on the farm.

Developed in conjunction with agricultural machinery manufacturer Claas, the Michelin CerexBib delivers an unrivalled advantage through being 15 per cent narrower than any conventional harvester tyre. This reduced width allows manufacturers to build larger harvesters without exceeding a width of 3.5 metres; the critical point at which European Union regulations stipulate that harvesters require special order movements from the Police and on-road escorts.

Michelin says the key to achieving this impressive performance advantage is its patented Ultraflex technology, with CerexBib being the only commercially available harvester tyre which can work at a pressure of less than 2 bar (29psi). This is around 30 per cent less than conventional tyres.

A Michelin CerexBib IF* 680/85 R 32 one of four sizes available from launch has the same load capacity as the current 800/70 R 32, yet benefits from a footprint which is 20 per cent larger thanks to more flexible sidewalls. This increases opportunities to harvest, no matter how wet the weather, whilst the low operating pressure of just 1.6 bar (23psi) ensures that soil compaction is reduced, protecting fields and maintaining their full crop yield potential.

The pressures of modern faming have driven a requirement for more powerful and wider harvesters to improve productivity, with the latest combines featuring larger harvesting headers, increased threshing capacity and even more powerful engines, which has increased overall machine size and weight significantly.

Rob Beddis, Commercial Director of Michelins Agricultural division in the UK and Republic of Ireland, explains: Michelin has responded by developing the innovative new CerexBib tyre with Ultraflex technology. Compared to a conventional tyre, CerexBib offers an additional 20 per cent load capacity for the same pressure, whilst the reduced tyre width solves a major headache when transporting combines between fields.

It reinforces the Michelin CerexBib as the tyre of choice for modern harvesters and is allowing manufacturers to push the boundaries when developing new, even more efficient machinery.

Tom Pine, Claas UK Combine Product Manager, adds: For example the new Lexion 750 is already available to order with 680/85 R 32 CerexBib tyres. These reduce the overall vehicle width to 3.3 metres, whilst still delivering a 12 per cent larger footprint than the normal 800/65 R 32 tyre.

Also key to the performance of the CerexBib, which can be used on both the front and rear axles of combine harvesters, is an ability to climb slopes of up to 24 per cent (compared with 19 per cent for a conventional harvester tyre).


The larger contact patch and lower ground pressure reduce rut depth and increase traction on wet and dry soil, saving farmers time and increasing fuel efficiency. The Ultraflex technology with extremely flexible sidewalls also considerably increases ride comfort. Even at low operating pressures, the CerexBib delivers safer driving on road and delivers superior stability. Steering response is also improved, while vibrations and noise are considerably reduced.

The Michelin CerexBib is initially available exclusively on the all the new Claas Lexion range of combine harvesters. It will be launched onto the European replacement tyre market in 2011. Sizes include the IF 680/85 R 32, VF** 520/80 R 26, IF 800/70 R 32 and VF 620/70 R 26. A further six sizes are in development and will be available at the end of 2011.

Its launch marks the third Michelin tyre to benefit from Ultraflex technology, joining the proven Michelin AxioBib and XeoBib tractor tyres.

*IF Improved flexion

**VF Very high flexion


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