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Cutting farm energy consumption with Hydors Agri-Jet


Hydor Limited, UK specialist in the supply of ventilation fans, controls and systems, is claiming that big savings in farm energy consumption can be made by upgrading old livestock ventilation equipment and controllers. Operating costs and the environmental impact of the old equipment can also be reduced.

The UK company, which is based in Downton, Salisbury, has now been in the manufacture, design and assembly of fans, controls and associated equipment for more than 45 years, leading the field in technical innovation for products and systems for intensive livestock buildings, commercial horticulture and industrial ventilation applications.

Hydor Managing Director, Duncan Burl said: We all know that a good ventilation system is an integral part of any livestock building and its successful, long-term performance is vital if a healthy environment for animal and workers in the facility is to be maintained. But even today, many farms are still incurring high operating costs not to mention high maintenance and repair bills with old wooden roof units, old controllers and inefficient ventilation systems.

Continually having to renovate old fan trunks, for instance, can be an expensive and repetitive exercise, but replacing them with Agri-Jet not only ensures a simple, long-lasting solution but can also enhance the performance of the existing system whilst drastically reducing its energy consumption and operating costs.

The Agri-Jet is a high velocity, roof mounted, jet extraction unit from Hydor for on-ridge or off-ridge installations. The design of the inlet ensures that it operates at high efficiency, maximising air-flow, operating at low back pressure and thereby minimising operating cost. The Agri-Jet has shutters, which are rainproof when closed. It expels stale air vertically to a height of nearly 20 metres above the roof, dissipating any dust, moisture, ammonia and smells as they leave the building and thus complying with IPPC regulations. The shutters are linked to prevent non-operational lifting in windy conditions and thus eliminate any unnecessary and noisy banging which might unsettle the livestock below.

Tidy and unobtrusive in appearance, Agri-Jet is available in five sizes (450mm, 500mm, 630mm, 710mm and 760mm). The external outlets and flashings of the units are constructed of Aluzinc, which can be powder-coated to meet the colour requirements of any Local Authority planning regulations. The internal square trunk is fitted with a standard ring for optimum fan performance and is constructed of recycled plastic. This makes it washable yet non-corroding and provides a thermal barrier to eliminate in-house condensation. It also reduces noise levels and light baffles diffuse the light. Its high-efficiency fan is easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance and, as a fail-safe contingency, units can be opened using an optional cable system.

When replacing top caps only, Agri-Jet Top Units are supplied to fit neatly over the existing fan trunk once it has been cut level at the top. The new units sit on the roof with side flashings that match the roof angles exactly, making simple fixing to the existing trunk is all that is required to provide a waterproof replacement in a very short time.

For new installations, a square hole is cut in the roof appropriate to the size of the model being fitted. The trunk is lowered into position and sits on the roof and its flashings again match the roof angles exactly. After normal fixing to provide a waterproof roof installation, the fan can be installed from below.

Duncan continues: We have supplied numerous units to customers both in this country and overseas, who, whenever outdated and inefficient existing roof fans need replacing, now order Agri-Jet units as a matter of course -particularly for new and refurbished poultry housing.

The swift, responsive and adaptable manufacturing capabilities of our skilled labour force ensure not only Agri-Jet units but all Hydor products are built to precise specifications. This companys flexibility and experience in manufacture is underpinned by our ability to design, develop and produce bespoke, special or modified standard products to customer designs.

With a wide and comprehensive range of products designed to move large amounts of air efficiently, Hydor has divisions also in Ireland, South Africa and Australia.

Hydor Ltd is part of the 62 million Elta Group, a family of businesses with operations in six countries on four continents which, together with a network of international distributors, provides quality fans and related air movement equipment to customers worldwide.

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