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Stewardship welcomes recognition of low drift nozzles

Recognition of low drift nozzles as a mitigation measure welcomed.

low drift nozzle

Low drift nozzle in action

The announcement by the UK Chemicals Regulatory Department (CRD) to recognise low drift nozzles as risk mitigation measures for applications of plant protection products on broad acre arable and grassland crop is warmly welcomed by the consortium of the Say NO to DRIFT stewardship campaign.

Since early 2012, the initiative has proved that growers are prepared to use low drift nozzles to help retain the important insecticide, chlorpyrifos.

The move by CRD  is an important step for UK agriculture. It will help farmers to retain essential plant protection products that are currently on the market, yet threatened by increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. It will also potentially close the gap between UK farmers and their European and global counterparts, who enjoy access to new, more innovative products, not yet registered in the UK.

The CRD announcement details practical measures such as setting buffer zones in multiples of 6m – consistent with many commonly used farm sprayers up to a maximum 18m – in conjunction with low drift 3* LERAP rated nozzles.

Many farmers already use low drift 3* LERAP rated nozzles very successfully, but for new users further education schemes will be needed to support adoption, and to achieve compliance with both the new scheme, as well as existing LERAP measures.

The Say NO to DRIFT consortium has a long-standing commitment to product stewardship and will continue to assist farmers to make changes as the new scheme is implemented.

The Say NO to DRIFT stewardship campaign seeks future updates of the low drift nozzle policy to include the use of air-blast sprayer (for use in orchards) with low drift 3* rated nozzles in orchards.

More information on Say NO to DRIFT can be found here:


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