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Statement from the CLA on the cuts to Defra-related public bodies


CLA President William Worsley said: The CLA accepts cuts have to be made. The number of quangos had become unwieldy and their functions confused. However, it is of course a very difficult time for those people who will lose their jobs.

Having said that, I am very pleased Natural England, the Environment Agency and the Forestry Commission will remain, retaining their core functions but more streamlined. We always find working directly with well-informed experts close to delivery extremely beneficial and hope they will be even more focussed when it comes to working with farmers and land managers.

Mr Worsley added: I am also pleased that certain advisory groups are being reconstituted as committees of experts. Expertise on issues such as pesticides will still be provided but without unnecessary formalities.

I am delighted that the accountability and governance of the National Parks and Broads Authority is to be reviewed as this is long overdue.

  • The full list of abolitions and cuts to Defra-related public bodies can be found here:
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