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Centre for Alternative Technology hosts talk on Sudden Oak Death


A devastating disease which has decimated oak trees in California has arrived in South West England. CAT will be hosting a discussion about the management of this plant disease and discuss emergency actions that can be taken to prevent the spread.

“Despite five years of emergency action Phytophthora ramorum and Phytophthora kernoviae  have continued to  spread, albeit slowly, in the nursery trade and the wider environment.  We now know that they have the potential to cause significant harm to businesses and the natural landscape, and we need to decide on a policy for future management of the diseases”

(Jeff Rooker, Minister for Sustainable Food and Farming and Animal Health)

On the 11th August, 7.30- 8.30 Alex Lickley and Hannah Taylor from Food Environment Research come to CAT to give an evening talk about how to identify and control plant disease Phytopthoras. Emergency action has been taking place to contain and control Phytopthora Ramorun and Phytophthora Kernoviae; two introduced species of plant disease, that threaten the die back and death of a wide variety of plants in British gardens, woodlands and native heathland. 
The talk will highlight where these Phytopthoras are being found and how to identify them,as well as measures that can be taken to minimise spread. All are welcome. The cost of the talk is 3
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