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Ban skylanterns, demands CLA

The CLA today (4 July 2013) called for a ban on skylanterns – often referred to as “Chinese lanterns” – to cut the risk of fires and livestock deaths.

CLA President Harry Cotterell said: “The concept of launching a flaming bonfire into the night sky with absolutely no idea of where it will land has always seemed reckless and bizarre. It is clear that skylanterns represent a wholly unnecessary risk to property, woodland, crops, moorland and livestock.

“Many millions of pounds of damage has been caused by fires started by skylanterns. Worse still, 11 firefighters were hurt by the recent blaze at a Midland plastics recycling plant which was ignited by a skylantern.”

He added: “Even when skylanterns don’t start fires, we have had reports from our members that cattle have died after ingesting the metal frames. Cows have been put down as a result. There is no doubt that a ban is in the public interest.”


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