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Dairy UK urges farmers to insure their milk against winter disruption


Winter seems a long way off, but dairy farmers should turn their attention now to insuring themselves against disruption to milk collection by extreme weather and flooding.

Harsh conditions are likely to seriously affect a number of regions at some point over the winter months, with climate change only making weather more volatile.

Farmers Forum Chairman Roger Evans said: Insurance gives farmers a way of protecting their milk cheques from losses caused when tankers are unable to reach the farm and collect the milk.

Many milk buyers discourage the use of emergency storage tanks on the grounds of product safety. If farmers are considering relying on an emergency tank, they must contact their buyer and check that the specification is adequate.

Otherwise we are urging farmers to check their insurance cover to make sure they are protected. Even during tough weather, the industrys top priority is to protect consumer confidence in the safety and integrity of milk.

Preparation now will avoid needless anxiety or losses when the inevitable bad weather does descend next winter.

About the Farmers Forum:

The UK Dairy Farmers Forum is chaired by Roger Evans, who produces milk in Shropshire for First Milk. The group includes farmers supplying all the major milk buyers and representatives of the farming unions in different parts of the UK. The group meets six times per year, just prior to meetings of the Dairy UK Board. The Farmers Forum sends its Chairman and Vice Chairman, Rex Ward, to Dairy UK Board meetings to present its conclusions to board members. In the past, the Forum has played an important role in raising awareness of on-farm cost issues, the spread of Johnes disease, the impact of Nitrate Vulnerable Zones and coast and responsibility sharing for animal disease.

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