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Sheep farmers urged to adopt new practice to beat blowfly strike


British sheep farmers are being urged to treat their ewes against blowfly strike
immediately after shearing them this year instead of later in the season to
ensure protection and peace of mind through to season end.

This is particularly important now because the changes in climate mean the
blowfly season lasts longer, with the risk of blowfly strike beginning earlier
and extending well into the autumn, warns Novartis Animal Health Brand Manager,
James Crawford.

Ewes should be treated immediately after shearing as part of the same handling
process, said Mr Crawford.  Not only does this reduce stress on the ewe,
removing the need for further handling and treatment at a later date, but it
also gives immediate protection from the devastating effects of blowfly strike.

It is more common for sheep farmers in Australia and New Zealand to treat their
ewes post shearing to protect their flocks against blowfly strike and Mr
Crawford believes, as the seasons get longer here, off-shears use of IgRs will
become common practice in the UK.

Mr Crawford pointed out that Novartis Animal Healths insect growth regulator
(IgR) CLiK, which is the longest acting blowfly treatment on the market, offered
farmers 16 weeks of protection and was ideal to use off shears to protect ewes
and tups against any late blowfly challenge.

CLiK has a unique Fleecebind technology that binds its active ingredient
tightly to the grease in the wool even the shorter wool, staple of freshly
shorn sheep, gets fully coated to offer protection.

It makes sense to be proactive and sheep that have been treated with CLiK can
be turned out protected against strike all through the season, however
unpredictable, or lengthy it might be.

Not only does this provide farmers with peace of mind all summer and into the
autumn months, it will also save them time and money, because they wont have to
re-gather their sheep and bring them in again at a later date, said Mr

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