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Farmade and Muddy Boots synchronise systems

Farmade Management Systems Ltd. and Muddy Boots Software Ltd., both leaders in crop management software for farmers, agronomists and advisors, have agreed to formalise a method of data transfer between their respective systems; GateKeeper and CropWalker.   Both organisations recognise the growing need to improve general ease of integration between business systems for their customers.

GateKeeper and CropWalker alike are essential tools for the modern farming business.  The software enables farmers and agronomists to manage their traceability and compliance requirement; resulting in the safe use of pesticides, instant stock control and simple evaluation of nutrient budgeting requirements.

The interface between GateKeeper and CropWalker will result in intelligent two-way data synchronisation of the key records.  Subsequently, there will be a significant reduction in the time spent record-keeping, which traditionally involves manually coordinating the data between the individual software systems.

Peter Henley, Managing Director of Farmade Management Systems Ltd. discusses the benefits that this collaboration will bring to its users;

This is a very positive move for the industry and will result in significant benefits for users of either system.   The two pieces of software working in conjunction with one another will ensure accuracy across an entire organisation and will significantly reduce the amount of time spent inputting data not to mention considerably reducing the risk of expensive error.

Jonathan Evans, Managing Director of Muddy Boots Software Ltd. talks about the decision to work alongside Farmade;

We have worked closely with Farmade over the past few months and rigorously evaluated the concept of integrating both systems.   As a result, it is clear that formalising a method of data transfer between our systems will work in the best interest for our customers and our individual software systems; enabling us to work together to meet the challenging and complex requirements of the ever-changing food industry.  We see this pioneering initiative as a staple for the future within the farming and agronomy sector.

The work is planned to be completed towards the end of September 2010.

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