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Close the gate on thieves with the ultimate security system


The launch of TRACKER Plant brings TRACKERs fleet tracking capabilities together with its award winning stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) solutions, to meet the specific requirements of farmers and owners of agricultural plant. Now farmers and the agricultural industry can protect their machinery and vehicles with the ultimate security system, in the event of theft, as well as benefiting from the ability to monitor usage, helping to increase efficiency.

The National Plant & Equipment Register (TER) reports* that 95 per cent of plant equipment that is stolen every year is not recovered and says Plant is seldom fitted with appropriate tracking devices the right tracking device is an excellent way to make recoveries and generate actionable intelligence for the police.  The combination of the latest technology from TRACKER offers farmers a critical defence against vehicle and machinery theft, as well as a new level of control, in order to get the best out of their equipment.

Stephen Doran, Managing Director, TRACKER, explains, Speaking to our customers in the farming and agricultural industry, security is a major concern. TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery technology provides farmers and agricultural plant owners with the ultimate peace of mind. TRACKER is the only stolen vehicle recovery provider working with all 52 police forces in the UK, which is key to our recovery success rate.

As well as an award winning stolen vehicle recovery system, TRACKER Plant also helps farmers better manage their agricultural plant. We have combined the power of TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery technology with our fleet tracking capabilities to provide the agricultural sector with a comprehensive answer in one neat package.

Plant Security

At the heart of TRACKER Plant, is TRACKERs market leading stolen vehicle recovery system, offering an unrivalled level of protection against theft, as well as significantly increasing the chances of recovery. The system is Thatcham approved, offering added quality assurance and the possibility of an insurance discount.

TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery systems work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden in one of several dozen places around the vehicle. There is no visible aerial, so the thief wont even know its there. Unlike other tracking systems, the device works even if the vehicle is hidden in a container back of a trailer, offering farmers the highest level of assurance should the worst happen.

Fleet Tracking

TRACKER Plant is based on a combination of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Global Systems for Mobile Communication (GSM), but with the added benefit of TRACKERs successful and proven Very High Frequency (VHF) radio technology. Fundamentally, this is brought together in a robust and waterproof unit, proven to withstand the harshest plant usage.

The system reports real time information about the usage of plant, such as engine running hours, and allows owners to set a location radius within which the plant can move freely, alerting them if it is moved outside of this location, known as Geofencing.  The system will even inform owners when servicing of equipment is due.  TRACKER Plant summary reports are emailed weekly containing clear and concise plant data, both on an individual item plant or as a group,  for easy monitoring.

Doran concludes, The launch of TRACKER Plant encompasses the key issues surrounding the use of farming & agriculture equipment and its security.  We are bringing the farming and agriculture industry a powerful stolen vehicle recovery system, to tackle the problem of vehicle and machinery theft, as well as a new way to monitor the status of a machine and its usage, bringing significant cost efficiencies.  Designed specifically for the farming and agriculture plant sector, this new product will help protect valuable assets, close the farmyard gate on criminals, while helping farming businesses get the best out of their machinery.


  • TRACKER is the UK market leader with nearly one million systems installed
  • Using VHF and GPS technology, TRACKERs SVR system enables the police to pin-point a stolen vehicle, whether it is hidden in a container or lock-up.
  • The underlying VHF technology is in use in 30 countries throughout the world and to date is responsible for over 250,000 recoveries of stolen vehicles worth $5billion (USD)
  • TRACKERs recovery statistics speak for themselves. To date TRACKER has recovered more than 19,000 stolen vehicles – worth a staggering 420 million – since 1993. Each month TRACKER helps to recover an average 2million worth of stolen vehicles.  It has also led the police to arrest over 1,900 car thieves.

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