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Hallmark Tractors Launches Farmers One Stop Shop Service For British Wind Turbine At LAMMA

14th January 2010, Loughborough Farmers across the UK wanting to reduce their power bills and their carbon footprint will welcome a new service from Hallmark Tractors that is being launched at LAMMA (20th – 21st January 2010, Newark and Nottinghamshire Showground).  The service not only offers farmers the British made Iskra R9000 5Kw wind turbine from Evance but also handles everything from the initial wind survey through grant and planning applications to the final commissioning of the turbine.

The Iskra R9000 can be of value to all sizes of farms providing power to light a poultry shed for a small holder, lighting cattle sheds for dairy farmers or powering a grain dryer for arable farms.  With an operational life of 20 years and a typical installation costing 25,000 the Iskra R9000 can make a significant contribution to reducing the costs of a farms power, especially when the new Government scheme for feed-in tariffs are taken into consideration.

Derbyshire based, Hallmark Tractors will be covering the UK with their five module service making the purchase and installation of a wind turbine a very straightforward and affordable process:

1.     Wind survey Hallmark will install a power predictor at the proposed site.  A minimum of 30 days data is then analysed and seasonally adjusted to provide information on the amount of power that the turbine will produce and so the potential cost savings.

2.     Site survey and budget estimates – the next step is to review the site and the necessary ground works and electrical connections so that a detailed budget can be drawn up.

3.     Planning Hallmark will then handle the drafting, submission and monitoring of the turbine planning application, providing an expert team, highly experienced in rural planning

4.     Grants the Hallmark team will also handle the application for grants available via the EUs Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, which totals 345 million.  Administered by the UKs regional development agencies, the grants available are up to 50% of the installation cost depending on grant area.

5.     Delivery, ground works and installation the necessary ground works, installation and commissioning will all be handled by the Hallmark team with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

Commenting on the launch of the new service, Jim Nash, Managing Director, Hallmark Tractors says:

We have a reputation for selling the very best British manufactured tractors and we are sure our customers will be as pleased with the British Iskra R9000.  If you are looking to reduce your power bills and your farms carbon footprint then our new service is ideal.  Well handle every aspect of the purchase and installation with the same efficiency and expertise that we have built our reputation on for farm machinery.

Evance is a supplier of renewable energy systems.  It makes an advanced wind turbine (ISKRA R9000) for the small wind market – for example, for homes, schools, and farms (as opposed to the big wind market of commercial wind farms or roof mounted turbines – micro wind).

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