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New Portable Weighing Scale For Llama And Alpaca Farmers


Salter Brecknell has launched a new range of portable floor scales for weighing Alpacas and Llamas.

Says Adrian Richards from Salter Brecknell: Weighing is a vital part of good livestock management for these animals. There is a real need for a portable floor scale that is simple and quick to set up and use.

The company has introduced two scales in the range; the PS1000, which has a weight capacity of up to 500kg in 200g increments, and the PS2000, which has a 1000kg capacity in increments of 500g.

Manufactured from steel, the scales have a tread plate surface to protect animals and handlers from slips and have ramped ends for simple livestock access. Adjustable footpads allow the scale to be used on uneven surfaces.

The PS1000 weighs just 30kgs and has two carry handles. The unit comes with an indicator that simply plugs in. It is powered by either four AAA batteries or from a mains socket.

Says Steve Heatherington, from Welsh Valley Alpacas after trialling the new scales: Weight is a prime indicator of ill health, particularly with the young cria. As herd animals, alpacas need to avoid looking weak to predators. This means that they will hide any illness, so a change in weight is often the first sign of something being wrong.

Weighing these animals is also vital when administering certain drugs so that they receive the right dose to treat their problem and to avoid parasites developing resistant strains.

You can weigh a new-born cria with a spring balance and a sling but I have found that these platform scales take the stress out of weighing. The animals quickly learn what is expected, feel secure and step onto the scales.

For further information about Salter Brecknells range of floor scales for livestock contact: Salter Brecknell Weighing Products, PO Box 9533. Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 9TE. Telephone: 0870 4444 6132. Fax: 0870 010 2241.

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