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The Most Unique Christmas Present Around This Year

With fond memories of The Good Life and a rise in people becoming more self sufficient at home, growing their own vegetables and keeping chickens, the latest craze is set to be keeping your own pigs at home, and looks set to be the most unique Christmas present around this year.

Farmer Paul Jackson, who has made a name for himself due to the huge success he has had this year with his home made authentic buffalo mozzarella, has a range of nine Pig Arcs to choose from all varying in prices and sizes, starting with an 8×4 standard size for 140.

You can also purchase pigs to house in your arcs and poultry varying from Berkshire Pigs-Unregistered Weaner’s from 65 to Indian Game Birds at 10. To help with the rearing and care of the animals, courses are available to ensure that once you have the pigs you are capable of looking after them. These courses can be bought for half the price when purchased with a Pig Arc this Christmas.

A unique gift, it definitely beats buying a present that will be used for a month and then just sit in the house collecting dust. Kids will love the animals and parents will enjoy the experience, whether you decide to keep the pig as a pet or farm it for food its a great experience.

Paul Jackson owner of Golden River Farms has said:

This may seem like a strange idea at first, but people need to look at the bigger picture, and what the purchase does for the whole family. Chickens are a common fixture in the common house hold now, and have been for a while, so why not take the next step and house some pigs and get back to nature

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