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New Precision Instrumentation On Show At Fruit Focus


At the recent Fruit Focus exhibition Labcell introduced a range of precision instruments of interest to fruit growers and producers of juices and wines, including soil moisture probes manufactured by Decagon Devices.

Labcell offers the full range of soil moisture probes and can advise on which will be the most suitable for particular applications. In all cases the probes deliver high accuracy, consistency and repeatability for continuous monitoring of soil moisture. If required, sensors are also available to measure – in addition to moisture – temperature or a combination of temperature and bulk electrical conductivity.

Another option is the ECH2O wireless sensing system for remote monitoring of soil moisture and other parameters by means of appropriate sensors connected to the Em50R programmable data logger. The data is transmitted wirelessly to a DataStation base station unit that is connected to a PC so that the data can be displayed, stored and analysed.

Labcell exhibited a variety of sensors that are compatible with the wireless sensing and datalogging system. These include a leaf wetness sensor, precipitation sensor, pyranometer, air temperature sensor and a dual RH (relative humidity) and temperature sensor.

Labcell has recently introduced the extensive Atago range of handheld and benchtop digital refractometers. These are suitable for a variety of applications relating to fruit and wine; while the majority analyse sugar content, others measure grape must concentration and salt content.

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