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Thousands Sign Petition To Stop Fuel Duty Increase

The nations motorists are being priced off the road says Used Car Expert, the car buyers advice magazine. Used Car Expert has received an overwhelming level of support from motorists for the publications campaign to reduce fuel duty on petrol and diesel.

Used Car Expert received nearly 7,000 signatures on the publications website which have been forwarded to Number 10 in a last ditch effort to stop the 2p increase in fuel next week.

Commenting on the campaign, Matthew Tumbridge, Editor of Used Car Expert explains: Until there are realistic and affordable green solutions for every day families and those that need to drive for work it is unforgivable that the Government continues to increase the already extortionate taxes on the motorist.

For every litre of fuel purchased, over 50 per cent is duty, which is set to spiral due to a 2.5% rise in VAT from December, whilst also being subject to a further 3p of tax by next April, making driving increasingly unaffordable as the year progresses.

This was echoed in a recent poll conducted by Used Car Expert of over 3,000 drivers where a staggering 74% of respondents stated that the latest rise in fuel duty was of serious concern, especially for those businesses and motorists where a vehicle is essential to their livelihood.

The UK levies the highest duty in Europe, with the countrys government earning over 70 million every day at the expense of struggling consumers and businesses in one of the worst recessions the country has ever seen.

Matthew Tumbridge went on to criticise the Governments claim that it is a green tax. The Governments annual support amounts to around 3 days of revenue at present. The Government needs to start putting a much higher percentage of the existing revenue from fuel into Green technology development before they can justify any more increases.

Used Car Expert has received the full backing for its campaign from the Association of British Drivers and the National Courier Association, amongst other organisations, highlighting the ever increasing need for action before the UK grinds to a standstill.

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