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100% low drift nozzle target for 2012

Low drift nozzle

A major new initiative launched at the National Fruit Show has set the fruit industry an ambitious target. Its goal is to achieve 100% adoption of low drift nozzles for all 2012 applications of the key insecticide chlorpyrifos; in a bid to secure its future availability to UK growers.

Speaking at the event, Dow AgroScience’s Steve Norman explained that the ‘Chlorpyrifos: say NO to DRIFT’ campaign supports the long term availability of insecticide products containing chlorpyrifos in the UK, while also protecting aquatic wildlife. “Chlorpyrifos has long provided UK fruit growers with protection against key pests. Its future in the UK now depends on making sure that spray drift does not reach ponds and streams by ensuring applications are only made with low drift nozzles. That’s why this stewardship initiative is so important.”

The campaign is being coordinated by ADAS and spearheaded by the UK registrants of chlorpyrifos products Dow AgroSciences, Makhteshim Agan and Headland Agrochemicals.

Steve Norman
As campaign spokesman, Steve Norman adds; “Many insecticides used by the fruit sector have disappeared in recent years. This has left growers with less tools to control harmful pests. Meanwhile, they also have to meet the same stringent EU requirements for high quality fruit produce,” he explains.

“We’re calling out to every fruit grower, spray operator and advisor to get behind and support this initiative.”

“By employing low drift nozzles for all applications of chlorpyrifos we can make a difference and improve the targeting of sprays in 2012 and beyond.” he believes.

Steve highlights that the use of low drift nozzles, together with adherence to statutory buffer zone requirements, can help safeguard the availability of chlorpyrifos in the UK. “The need is to protect wildlife in ponds and streams near treated crops, by minimising spray drift. In this way we can meet increasingly strict EU environmental standards,” he adds.

The use of low drift nozzles for insecticide applications in fruit cultivation is already well established in large areas of mainland Europe. “We now need to promote the uptake of low drift nozzles in the UK, where up to now these types of nozzles have not been widely adopted in fruit cultivation.” he says.

“Evidence shows that low drift nozzles can reduce drift substantially, by over 90% according to a recent experimental field study, compared to conventional nozzles,” highlights Steve.

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The ‘Chlorpyrifos: Say NO to DRIFT’ campaign is being coordinated by ADAS on behalf of the ‘Chlorpyrifos Consortium’ comprising of UK registrants of chlorpyrifos products Dow AgroSciences, Makhteshim Agan and Headland Agrochemicals.

Chlorpyrifos is an insecticide widely relied upon by fruit growers across the UK to protect crops against pressure from destructive insect pests, which reduce quality and yield and make fruit unfit for sale. Chlorpyrifos is a proven and effective insecticide that has long provided UK orchard growers with an effective pest control solution and a means of ensuring fruit is produced to meet customer demands.

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