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Brussels Agriculture Committee strays into Dr Dolittle territory

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The European Union is to spend 1.8 million of taxpayers money on a research project into the feasibility of treating livestock with homeopathic medicines.  The measure, approved by the European Parliaments Agriculture & Rural Development Committee this week, has attracted scathing criticism from Stuart Agnew MEP, the Norfolk farmer who represents the East of England. 

Mr Agnew said:  This idea goes beyond mere stupidity, it strays into Dr Dolittle territory.  It is generally understood that much of the benefit of homeopathy comes from the placebo effect, i.e. the patient’s belief that they will get better because someone has listened to them and they have been treated.  I need hardly say that it is completely impractical for livestock farming.  Animals do not know that they have been treated. 

I would face real problems just in administering such a remedy to my 35,000 chickens.  I anticipate even bigger problems in trying to have a chat with each of them, to let them know that they have been treated for their Erysipelas (bacterial skin infection) with a new homeopathic remedy! 

There is no scientific proof that homeopathic remedies can be effective against bacterial infections.  Perhaps more importantly, where there is a genuine active ingredient, this will need to be licensed with a consequential stated withdrawal period for the product.  After all, these birds are part of the human food chain.  If licensing is not needed, then it must be proven that the effect is purely psychological, which is surely ludicrous in the context of hens and other livestock?!!

At a time of economic crisis, when many people are really struggling and debt levels are soaring, this is a scandalous waste of taxpayers’ money.

I, for one, will not be talking to the animals!” 

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