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Incoming urea shipment programme from modern plants underlines the quality of urea now avialble to UK farmers

MV Loenerdiep unloads 5,440 tonnes of Urea at Immingham – Gleadells fifth incoming fertiliser shipment in as many weeks, with further cargoes due. 

Calum Findlay
This year has been a very early market and we sold most of our tonnage two months ago in April and May, says Calum Findlay, the companys fertiliser trader.  Those farmers who took our advice have benefited as they booked their requirements at around 300/tonne while the price now is 380 tonne+.   

These early orders have paid dividends for our farmer customers and were booked at a time when the domestic suppliers had yet to price their summer AN deliveries. 

We have further cargoes on our books, with 3,200 tonnes unloading this week at Poole for our southern office customers, then a shipment of 3,300 tonnes into Avonmouth next on the schedule. 

One thing that has changed dramatically and is not always recognised – is that ‘imported’ now means ‘quality’ as far as fertiliser is concerned. All the Urea plants we source our product from are  modern build. While, when we look at the UK, we are seeing facilities that are up to 50 years old.” 

Also the market has changed in that the all new plants now in production and coming on stream are Urea granulation plants.  There are no new AN plants being built anywhere, Mr Findlay adds.


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  • Gleadell Agriculture Ltd is equally owned by Toepfer International – based in Hamburg, who are one of the largest global traders of agricultural products; and InVivo – based in Paris,  who are the leading provider of goods and services to their partner cooperatives and one of the largest traders of European grain


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